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Carole Crist makes the switch to Dem party, will hubby follow?

The wife of former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is now a Democrat.

Crist said Monday that Carole Crist changed her voter registration last week, the Associated Press reported. The former governor also left the Republican party late in his term but registered with no party affiliation.

Crist called his wife "independent minded and very bright" and said she feels more comfortable in the Democratic Party.

The former governor says he intends to remain without a party. He left the Republicans in April 2010 during his unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate. He was trailing tea party favorite Marco Rubio badly in the polls leading up to the GOP primary and decided to run as an independent. Rubio beat Crist in the general election.

The Crists met in 2007 during his first year in office. 


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God I Already Miss Her

Dear Democrats:

You guys can have her.

Best regards,

The Republicans

Saint Petersblog

Actually, if Charlie Crist is going to run as a Democrat, it's his dad he'll have to convince


J. Rip Holmes

I am glad Carole Crist has registered as a Democrat. I will do so, too. I support Charlie Crist for Governor, as a Democrat, in 2014, Rip Holmes

Richard Allbritton

Yet another sentient being becomes enlightened. ~ richard allbritton, Miami


Good for her, the GOP never liked her anyway, but I wonder about poor Jim Greer who gave his all for charlie and got thrown to the curb by the RPOF all because he stuck with CC till the end and was not Carole a best friend of Lisa Greer's too. So Sad! Friends forever!!

Carlos Blanco

So glad that she has seen the light. I did the same years ago when I figured during the Bush "W" reign that the Republican moto was "The Ends justify the Means." which was never an American Value.
Maybe she just got tired of the blatant GOP hypocrisy, or all the Boos at a gay soldier, or maybe swearing their oath to right to life while celebrating killing, even when new facts show obvious innocence (just to protect their reputation). Just listen to Perry and you can hear examples of all that I note.

Don't get me wrong. The Democrats can be just as corrupt as anyone else. No one with power is void of temptation. But at least the're shortfalls are not celebrated with mobs showing the ugliness of their self righteousness.

I just have 2 words for Mrs. Christi.
Welcome Home.

Pedro A. Romanach

Good for her! Welcome to the Democratic Party, Mrs. Crist. I hope Charlie Crist also becomes a Democrat.

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