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Charlie Crist's wife sued by her ex

From the New York Post:

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s sassy wife, Carole, is being sued by her wealthy ex-husband, Blue Star Jets honcho Todd Rome, for allegedly failing to pay child support -- even though their divorce settlement doesn’t require it -- or even stay in contact with their daughters Jessica, 15, and Skylar, 13. Carole and Todd were Hamptons fixtures until Carole left him in 2007, when Page Six reported the private-jet service owner put his foot down on her lavish spending. Carole remarried in 2008 to the Florida Republican governor. Todd, now wed to Vanessa Brahms and represented by pit-bull attorney Mark Heller, filed papers this month against Carole, claiming she’s failed to pay support or be part of the lives of their children who live with Todd in New York. While their settlement doesn’t require her to pay child support, “Carole has cut off communication with the girls,” a source told us. “She refused to attend her daughter’s graduation, visit them at summer camp or attend their birthdays. It’s not about the money.” 

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Todd should speak with Jim and Lisa Greer about how Charlie and Carole treated the girls. The Greer's spent lot's of weekends together along with Greer kids.

These people are gross

Charlie Crist HATES kids. He always has. But, it speaks volumes to the piece of crap loser that Carole Crist is that she would allow ANY man to keep her from her children. I don't know a decent mother on earth that would let anything or anyone stand between her and her children!

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