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Court orders Florida to suspend drug testing law

Word from the ACLU is that a federal court has ordered the state to temporarily suspend a law that requires welfare applicants to pass a drug test before collecting cash assistance.

Story here. (Background here.)


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Thank god. I can go back to sniffing paint and not worry about getting my monthly check denied.


People who have drug problems need treatment, not less help. Besides, I wouldn't want hte government starting to drug test people for other services, like driving or voting.

POLL: Would a law requiring drug testing to receive welfare benefits violate the 4th Amendment's ban on unreasonable search and seizure?
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/4442539


When the government starts drug testing recipients of corporate welfare like oil and gas subsidies then we can talk? Start testing them for opiates and benzos and anti-depressants - but wait those are big pharma and ok


For a Governor that doesn't like lawsuits, he sure has spurred a bunch of costly ones. Costing taxpayers millions and private attorney's are getting rich off of Rick Scott's stupidity. Flor-duh! (dumb voters for Rick Scott)


Why is it ok for those who work to be required to pass a drug test before they can get a job, but not ok to require drug testing for those being supported by the taxpayers?
Use the analogy of a parent and an adult child. What would you think of a parent who knowing the adult child had a drug problem continued to supply the child with money for drugs? You would say that the parent is an enabler. People with drug problems need treatment, not more money for more drugs. Perhaps it will be the incentive they need to get help.


No one is forcing them to take a drug test. They have every right to refuse the test and leave. The drug test is only required if you expect to walk away with money in your pocket. I do not see this any differently than I saw taking a drug test for pretty much every job I have ever applied for and gotten, because I took the drug test and was drug free. These folks are asking for my money and your money, and I think we have a right to know the money isn't being spent to finance a drug habit.


the majority of people recieving checks lost a job they held for years, which meaqns u are not supporting them.. theyare supporting themselves with what they paid into the system

No addicts or illegals

Most of my life I worked jobs that required random drug testing. Why should people get free taxpayer money and not be drug tested? Believe me...I know for a fact that not only is cash assistance being used for drug money...so are food stamps!! Drug addicts trade their food assistance for drugs 50 cents on the dollar. I would rather spend more tax money on offering drug addicts rehab centers paid for by tax dollars. They need help not free handouts. Now the next problem is to stop the handouts to people that are not here legally. They are actually being given preference over seniors that worked all their life and might need a little more income!!!

Drug Test Friend

It just seems that when people here the term "welfare" they automatically associate it with low lifes and that is simply not always the case. We are living in very tough economic times and people are loosing their jobs and carriers so they have no other choice but to opt for government assistance.

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