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Dems demand Hays resign from redistricting commission, apologize

In a sharply-worded letter to Senate President Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Dean Cannon, Rep. Luis Garcia demanded Sen. Alan Hays apologize for what he called his ill-informed remarks at the Senate redistricting meeting earlier this week and, in a separate statement, Rep. Janet Cruz asked the he resign.

Here's the Garcia letter: Download Redistricting Ltr. to Senate President Haridopolos and Speaker Cannon

Cruz said: “It is essential that this process remain unbiased, fair and unprejudiced.  It is evident now that Senator Hays cannot meet these qualifications, and Latinos in Florida should be concerned about their fair representation when the lines are in the hands of legislators like Senator Alan Hays.

Hays, R-Umatilla, questioned whether a new Hispanic district in Central Florida was justified and suggested that the state's voter identification laws, which a state of Florida driver's license or identification card, which in turn require three forms of identification. The  population numbers used to draw the districts are dependent on the Census Bureau, which has historically undercounted illegals because few, if any of them, fill out the forms.  Here is what he said:

"Before we design a district anywhere in the state of Florida for Hispanic voters, we need to ascertain that they are citizens of the United States," Hays said. "We all know there are many Hispanic-speaking people in Florida that are not legal. And I just don't think it's right that we try to draw a district that encompoasses people that really have no business voting anyhow."


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Of course the Democrats are upset, they want the illegals to vote.


Democrats do not want illegals to vote. Nor do they want legitimate voters harassed into not voting.
I am a Democrat who has worked in every election during my entire voting life. I get out the vote be it Republican or Democrat. I give rides to anyone in my neighborhood who wants to vote and has a difficult time with transportation. I go door to door to register EVERYONE who wants to be registered, and for which, Repub or Dem, they must show proper ID. Many of my friends do the same. We believe that citizens have a right to vote. Not just citizens that agree with us. Despite intensive investigation and countless taxpayer dollars spent to investigate so-called voter fraud, the preponderance of voter shenanigans over the past 15 years have been documented to be the prevention or attempts at prevention of legitimate voters being allowed to vote, including me. This has almost exclusively been performed by those attempting to reduce numbers of those expected to vote Democrat. The data is in, the investigations finalized, and those were their findings in every state where Repubs tried to claim "voter fraud." I will still continue to assist in elections by poll monitoring, providing rides to ANYONE in my neighborhood who wants to vote, from ANY party. What will YOU do to protect this most sacred responsibility and right of ALL citizens?

west coast guy

Heather, good statement!

Koza Dereza

The dems should resign for harassing the good Senator.

In lieu of that...the dems should post their arguments for all to see, instead of playing some version of the race card. It will be child's play to refute each and every one of them.

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