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Detert: End secrecy on tax incentive deals for companies

s023.jpgA Republican state senator wants to end secrecy surrounding deals that use tax dollars to lure companies to Florida or that keep existing businesses from leaving.

"Once the deal is signed, all the details should be open to the public," said Nancy Detert, R-Venice, chair of the Senate Commerce & Tourism Committee.

The public record exemption hides details for two years, including the name of the company, for deals that use taxpayer money to create jobs. Since Gov. Rick Scott took office in January, the exemption has been used 49 times.

Story here.


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I am happy to see one Republican willing to be held accountable. A true rarity.

George Fuller

Why use Tax incentives at all? Doing so smacks of favortism and as a taxpayer I resent my dollars being used to lure one company or another here.

One dirty secret......all the growth brought results not in benefits for the taxpayers who ponied up the money.....rather higher taxes...more congestion.....

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