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Fabiola Santiago: In Hialeah, government lurks in the shadows

From Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago:

Hialeah has been an eccentric town since its early days, when Mayor Henry Milander handled city business from his butcher shop and, local legend has it, was as adept at chopping a pork loin as he was at fixing traffic tickets for his loyal supporters.

He reigned over Hialeah for more than 30 years, 1941 to 1974, and had he not died in office he might have been reelected yet again.

Despite the stiff competition from the heirs to the Hialeah throne — former mayors Dale Bennett, who ran the city into fiscal disaster and lied from the dais with great aplomb, and Raúl Martínez, indicted and convicted on corruption charges and spared from prison by an overturn on appeal — Milander held on to the title of Most Colorful Politician.

But current Mayor Carlos Hernández and City Council President Isis García-Martínez — with some help from other members of the council — are teaming up to give good old Milander a run for the title.

Their motto: Florida’s Government in the Sunshine law? Never heard of it!

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* Take a gander at the top right corner. Yes, that is a Hammer and a Sickle.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what the Hammer and Sickle represents, there is a link below.


The Communists are responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS, they've destroyed Cuba, and they took everything you worked for in Cuba.

Now, they're here in Hialeah.

Raul Martinez is supporting their cause, What are YOU going to do about it?

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