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Florida Ag Commish Adam Putnam backs Mitt Romney.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner and former U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam is endorsing Mitt Romney for president, becoming the first member of the Florida cabinet to take sides in the presidential race. Four years ago, Putnam backed Fred Thompson.

“Mitt Romney is a tested conservative and a proven leader. With him in the White House, we can regain our standing abroad and repair our economy at home,” said Putnam. “Three years into President Obama’s term, it is clear that his policies have failed the country. Onerous regulations are burdening businesses, overspending has threatened our credit and unemployment remains dangerously high. Florida has felt the effects of these failed policies more than many other states, and we can’t afford to continue down the same path. Mitt Romney knows how the economy works – he spent his life in the private sector and has the knowledge and the plan to put Americans back on the path to prosperity.”

Posted by Adam C. Smith



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George Fuller

Makes you wonder why since Putnam supports AMNESTY while Romney has been sounding like he is for the Rule of law treatment for illegals....and mandatory e-verify....

Danita Kilcullen

I share your sentiments, George. Perhaps Putnam is planning on the fact that policians promise anything as a candidate, but do as they please once elected.

Jack Gillies

Is this the same Adam Putnam when he was a congressman co-sponsored a bill with the Democrats to make illegal aliens legal? Yes it was! Thank God it never passed! Putman sides with illegals before legals.

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