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Full Flop: Gov. Rick Scott subtracts a campaign promise in new math for job creation

Rick Scott, the candidate, ran on a platform of creating jobs. That's why the businessman-turned-politician won a bruising Republican primary last summer, he said. That's why he squeaked by Democrat Alex Sink in November 2010. "That was my whole campaign," he said in February. "Seven steps to 700,000 jobs over seven years."

And more than a year since candidate Scott rolled out his 7-7-7 plan, Gov. Scott still talks frequently about those 700,000 jobs.

But just how do you keep track? Politifact Florida does it for you.


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Nice campaign ad. Who is the candidate running against Scott?


This is awsome! Well done! You nailed Rick Scott. Have you considerd doing something similar about the promises of candidate Obama?

George Fuller

How many of the 700K jobs are going to illegal aliens?


the man is a liar - rather than telling you no he should have taken the 5th?

joe blow

whoever would have guessed?
his past as a convicted felon who ripped off medicare for several billion should have been a tip off for the ignorant Repiggie and Teaturd voters of floriduh!


This man has pled the fifth 70 times after he stole 1.7 billion from Medicare through overbilling.

Ocala Computer Repair

Great Video. We definitely needs jobs here.

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