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Gov. Rick Scott e-mails 'cleaned out' a third time

E-mails on Gov. Rick Scott's BlackBerry may have been lost in another technological mix-up inside his office, newly-released records show.

Scott and his staff have acknowledged that his account and about 50 others his two-month transition, a crucial stretch after Election Day when key hires are made and a first-year policy agenda is shaped, were lost when a contract lapsed with a private company that stored the e-mail data. Scott also lost about 50 e-mails from his iPad, when a staffer inside his office updated software for the device.

Now it's a BlackBerry. Story here.


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Robert Jenkins

Is that right? Sounds rather nu vous Nixonism to me. Well at least he won't have to plead the Fifth again.

Ralph Lafferty

Sure. Three totally separate coincidences. This gives me great confidence in the technological abilities of our Governor and FDLE. AMAZING!!

David Kearns

1. Deleted because Rackspace deleted all 47 accounts because someone on the transition team forgot to tell Rackspace to archive the emails.

2. Deleted 200 files from his iPad because an IT specialist didn't know how to work an app (something apple specialists say is impossible.)

3. Deleted off Blackberry as well.

I am not dead from the neck up. This is a criminal conspiracy and a cover up.

David Kearns

Hey "staffer" he said "hold me accountable" so guess what? RICK SCOTT DELETED THOSE EMAILS!

Tally Folly

When will Biondi investigate this?


he could have retrieved all the emails from rackspace but it would have cost .......

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