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Gov. Scott draws parallel between Occupy protests and tea party

On WTVT in Tampa today, Gov. Rick Scott compared the Occupy protests to the tea party movement that helped him win election.

"What's happening is I think people are frustrated with where the world's going," Scott said on the FOX affiliate. (It's the 3:42 minute mark in the video.)

"I tell you what," Scott said. "In my race, the biggest frustration people had was jobs. And they're frustrated because they believe government kills jobs, whether it's taxes, or regulation or permitting. So I think people are fed up with the fact of, that, 'I want a job.'

"And so I won my race because I had a plan for jobs," he said. "I think we're going to solve these issues - and I'm glad people come out and tell us what they think - by creating an environment where people can get jobs, and that's what I think about every day."

More from Scott in Tampa Bay today:

Rick Scott on the Cain train? Doesn't sound like it: It might make sense for Rick Scott, the lifelong businessman turned governor to endorse Herman Cain, the lifelong businessman turned Republican candidate for president. But don't hold your breath.

At Tampa stop, Gov. Rick Scott says, 'I love anthropology degrees': At two stops Monday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott was asked about the things that have come to dominate his public schedule: his plan for the 2012 legislative session, his belief that the state doesn't need more anthropology majors and his inconsistent math when it comes to creating 700,000 private-sector jobs in the state.


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Robert Jenkins

I can see the ticket now Cain and Unable!!!


So where are the jobs Ricky?


This governor is so stupid. Occupy is against everything this Governor stands for. This Governor has done nothing but help the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class. He meets regularly with the Koch brothers. Now this Governor thinks he can fool us into thinking he is siding with Occupy. What a joke.

buckeye one

DICK Scott is a mutant sociopath sent back to Earth on behalf of his master Beezlebub.
The guy is not only a convicted felon but an incompetent bumbling buffoon!


Rick Scott doesn't get it. The corporate-sponsored Tea Party is over. He might as well go home now. Occupy Wall Street will take the country in a new direction and, you, 1% governor -- well, you'll be left bewildered in the dust. We ARE the 99%! And, your five minutes of fame are over.


LOL... this guy really should stop talking. He embarrasses himself every time he flaps that skeleton like jaw of his. The difference just in case he didn't know is that the TEA PARTY -- him -- are ON the side of the rich and powerful, whereas the occupy Wall Street are trying to CURB the reach of the rich and powerful.... as depressing as that sounds because these people have got their tentacles all over government that every branch seems to be bought and paid for.


Gov Scott is an answer to majority prayer. That's why he won and hopefully will desire to do so again. He is doing exactly what those who put him in office put him in to do.

chuck R.

what a joke this guy is and to think there are people who think he is doing a good job ,,only the rich and mental patients would think he is doing a good job!!

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