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Gov. Scott draws parallel between Occupy protests and tea party

On WTVT in Tampa today, Gov. Rick Scott compared the Occupy protests to the tea party movement that helped him win election.

"What's happening is I think people are frustrated with where the world's going," Scott said on the FOX affiliate. (It's the 3:42 minute mark in the video.)

"I tell you what," Scott said. "In my race, the biggest frustration people had was jobs. And they're frustrated because they believe government kills jobs, whether it's taxes, or regulation or permitting. So I think people are fed up with the fact of, that, 'I want a job.'

"And so I won my race because I had a plan for jobs," he said. "I think we're going to solve these issues - and I'm glad people come out and tell us what they think - by creating an environment where people can get jobs, and that's what I think about every day."

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