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Herman Cain's Florida campaign gears up


Look for an announcement soon about some top-tier political talent joining Herman Cain's Florida campaign team.
Statewide chairs: Former St. Petersburg Mayor (and Mitt Romney supporter) Rick Baker; former State Sen. (and expected Rick Perry supporter) Carey Baker; former Jeb Bush chief Kathleen Shanahan; state Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood.

Tampa-based media consultant Adam Goodman is a senior strategist and media adviser and Arlene DiBenigno, a veteran of Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist, and Rick Scott campaigns, is another senior strategist.

Deborah Cox-Roush, former state GOP vice chairwoman and current Hillsborough County Republican chairwoman, is director of county chairs. She had to resign her post as county chair. Kamilah Prince is director of coalitions. Lou Marin is a director of flat tax and tea party supporters andBarbara Haselden direcor of 9/12 patriots.

"We believe that Herman Cain's momentum from his win at the state convention last month is just a harbinger of things to come," said Goodman, one of Florida's most sought-after political pros, who cited recent Florida and national polls showing Cain in a neck and neck race with Romney. "This is not like people are bummed out about Romney, they're just incredibly enthusiastic about Herman...He has the message and the sustainability to win."

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Saint Petersblog

Say it ain't so: Former St. Pete Mayor Rick Baker to co-chair Herman Cain's efforts in Florida



Jumping on the bandwagon...and they will ride it right over the cliff. Perry will be the nominee.

A.P. Papoon

Herman Cain is making the rounds on Fox News:


Christopher Allison

Just go ahead and nominate Romney and get it over with. He's the only one with a shot at beating Obama. The rest or just also rans that the base seems to want. They need to realize it is not going to work.

Rick Perry

Nah I would not support Romney. On the other hand I will support Rick Perry.

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