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In Marco Rubio flap, Random Pixels proves Cubans were exiles prior to 1959

Exile 1-10-1954Bill Cooke with the Random Pixels blog picks up where we left off in recent reports -- that Sen. Marco Rubio factually lays claim to being the son of Cuban "exiles" even though his parents came to the US before Fidel Castro took power.

Rubio, however, did have a misleading Senate biography that said his parents came to the US after Castro, in 1959. They came in 1956, during Batista's dictatorship. The biography has been changed.

But the controversy over whether he's an "exile" lives on. The fact that this is even a matter of debate speaks to the cracked looking glass of our politics. A plain reading of the word "exile" shows that it applies to those who live away from their homeland for a prolonged period of time.

No matter, liberals are using a Washington Post story to suggest Rubio was lying when the Republican said he was the son of exiles (more here).

Now Cooke weighs in: Miami has been home to many who, years before Castro even thought of taking power, have called themselves "exiles."

Here are a just a few of the many articles the old Miami News published before 1959 that refer to Miami Cubans as "exiles."

His post is here, adorned (not embellished) with some interesting news clips. One shows how Fidel was perceived as a hero by many, before his regime descended into totalitarianism. Then there's the one below that shows even Batista was an exile: 

Exile 5-25-1948


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Robert Jenkins

Valor Rabado/Stolen Honor.You have to get over the fact that Rubio embellished his claim.When you as politician, uses something as this to gain power; many are angry. He changed the web site; why, if not understanding his error, ommission,or lie was causing so much angst? Now Sen. Rubio, you simply must pray forgiveness, from those you offended. You need to stand with people who also wish to come here for economic reasons; as your wonderful parents did. How can you not?

Ana Sol Alliegro

Senator Rubio owes no apology and offended nobody except for people with little sense of Cuban History and/or those he offends just by being a Republican. Get your facts straight. Cuba's currency during that era was very healthy. My Grandafather, Senator Anselmo Alliegro Mila, came to America two times and exiles were common due to political instability not economic instability. And before yor run with that. Do not compare the two or Americans would be rafting into 90 miles of shark infested waters as we speak. Thanks Senator Rubio for fixing a typo..lol

Ana Sol Alliegro

Ana Sol Alliegro Cuban Studies 32 by Lisandro Perez -try page 80-86 google books. Seems Lisandro Perez got his facts right.

Elroy John

Why is the Herald encouraging bad behavior? Any other prominent politician found to have "tweaked" a cornerstone of his/her political identity in this way would have been skewered on these pages. The fact is that in this country when we have historically referred to exiles from Cuba, it is traditionally understood that we mean those who fled Castro's regime. If Senator Rubio viewed his parents as exiles of Batista's regime why didn't his senate/campaign biography state that in the first place? Why wasn't it updated to reflect that? Because there was more to be gained as a Miami politician who was seen as a scion of the resistance to Castro of course. In my humble opinion, Sen. Rubio, with the aid of the Herald, feeds this story everyday he doesn't acknowledge inflating his resume and move on.

Maria Lima

Because, Elroy, and all others who don't understand..people (especially poor people) who left Cuba in those days, very often came to Miami or New York to 'check things out', or for seasonal work, RARELY intending to stay; as Marco has stated, his family always intended to return to Cuba..and in fact did so at one time. The difference in their 'Castro Cuba exile status' occured when, under the Castro regime, they were no longer able to go BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY! There was a fairly free and easy flow between U.S., especially Miami, and Cuba in the late 40s and 50s. That 'free flow' ended with the Castro regime.


Plain and simple Marco Rubio is a LIAR. He was caught in multiple lies. He was making a up a persona that would appeal to the masses-one in which he twisted the facts.

Elroy John

I'm not sure the answer you gave was to a question I actually asked, but since you mentioned me I thank you anyway Maria. I would point out that unless you were travelling with Mr & Mrs. Rubio in what we now know to be 1956, you can't really know what their motivation was for leaving. All we know are the reasons Candidate Rubio and Senator Rubio gave us, and they don't match.

Robert Jenkins

Alright hrere's my story.
I enlisted in the US Army, during Viet Nam to avoid being drafted. I served with the 247th Medavac, 10th Combat Support Hospital, 85th Medical Batt..I was permanatly disabled in the line of duty. I received three medals.When one reads this and it is all 100% true; you may feel a sense of honor or think I deserve something special. Now what really happened. I was with the units I said, but stationed at Fort Meade, MD. My injuries occured as I played football returning a punt against the Marines barracks, the medals I received were a Good Conduct, National Defense ribbon, and an Army Achievement Medal.If I only expressed the first portion of my tale; you as stated maybe impressed and honor my service. If I only told the first part of the tale and stayed with that, I'd be guilty of Stolen Valor or Valor Robado!!! This is just what Sen. Rubio has done; that is why so many are angry. No politics, no racism, nothing but anger for misleading, ommitting, or failing to correct assumptions of those who honor heroic sacrifice. Now I hope this clears up the cloudiness some see.


How can Marco Rubio be held responsible for either an intentional or unintentional statement that his father made about his immigration which occurred PRIOR TO HIS BIRTH!!??

That just f-ing ridiculous.

Rubio was the son of poor immigrants who basically came here with nothing. The father worked his way as a bartender and the mother and housekeeper, or maid. Does it really matter when they came here?

This appears to be a direct shot at attacking the next Republican star from a bunch of liberals.


This feels like a hit job at worst, and hyper-pedantic scrutiny at best.

It would be different if the details changed the crux of the story. If his parents were really born in Puerto Rico, and moved to Hoboken, then to Florida, when they were still teenagers, then that would have been a gross misrepresentation of his background.

Instead, we're arguing semantic minutiae -- his parents migrated here, not necessarily permanently (yet), almost certainly as a result of the turmoil that was happening in the country at the time. Just a couple years later, when everything became official, Rubio's parents were in fact exiles, like anyone else who had wisely left the country before the Castro regime began.

When you hand down family origin stories, unimportant details get lost or changed, but the core truth still remains. If this is the worst they can come up with on Rubio, then the GOP should be pleading with him to toss his hat in the ring.


I agree with Ms. Alliegro that her grandfather was an "exile". He he did not come here to seek a better life. He was a prominent political figure opposed to Fidel Castro.

There have been many "exiles" in the entire history of Cuba. As a matter of fact, the Cuban War of Independence (or as Americans call it the "Spanish American War") was helped along by Cubans who were "in exile" in the U.S. so nobody disputes the term as applied to Cubans who had left Cuba, or other nations, for political reasons. Many Cubans left the island for the U.S. seeking a better life, a very valid and honorable reason to resettle in another country. That is an "immigrant" not an "exile". Mr. and Mrs. Rubio were not involved in any political action on either side of the issue when they decided to come to the U.S. with an immigrant visa. If they had been, their son would have already said WHY they had to "exile" themselves.

Before taking sides on such a sensitive issue for our community, Mr. Caputo needs to acquaint himself a little better with the Cuban community, Cuban history, Cuban issues and the nuances involved with these issues. His statement that “long-dead dictator Batista who no one remembers" is an insult to those who were tortured and/or killed by the Batista regime, and there were many. Maybe Mr. Caputo doesn't remember because is too young to remember and he never suffered the repression and corruption under Batista. Cubans DO remember Batista and we will NEVER forget just as we will ALWAYS remember and never forget what Castro has done.

Random Pixels has not proven anything other than they are regurgitating a totally wrong concept of what an "exile" means to most of the Cuban community.

Robert Jenkins

You could not be any further from the truth here. I am a Republican, and I think Sen. Rubio knowingly misrepresented his connection to the "exile" community. As to my post on my military background shows; it's not what you say, but how you say it. You can't be serious thinking Rubio didn't embellish his remarks; otherwise, he'd not have changed them on his "official" Senate website. Stolen Valor is a crime here in Florida. I believe Rubio voted on it. It would be truly ironic if he himself is charged with a law he helped to craft.

You can call me missouri

"A plain reading of the word "exile" shows that it applies to those who live away from their homeland for a prolonged period of time."


A person who lives away from home for an extended period of time is an Expatriate or for short an Expat.

A person who lives in exile is not living away from home by choice. They are living away from home because to go home would result in their assasination, imprisonment, or torture.

There is a big difference between an exile and an expat. Marco Rubio's parents were expats.

Ana Sol Alliegro

Thanks Terri G., You are correct on one point. My Grandfather, Dr. Anselmo Alliegro Mila was a prominent political figure. He did not come here to seek a better life.

He had no choice as he was going to be executed. First by the prior President and then by Fidel Castro. However, you are very disturbed if you think that Fidel and Batista should even be compared. You really have no idea as to what went on During that era.

Unfortunantely,I do, my Grandfather was The Minister of Education and Senate President. As Lady Gaga say's I was born this way.

Let me educate you. Batista was not the serial killer you just compared him with. I would take Flugencio Batista on any given Sunday before I live in a country with Castro Bin Laden.

In fact, Fidel would be dead if Batista was half as dark as you just made him out to be. He captured and imprisoned Fidel Castro during at one point and he pardoned the monster.

Unlike Fidel Castro, who wanted to kill my entire family at gun point he let him go- (pardoned)him. That was his worst mistake.

My grandfather and many of the people that stayed in Cuba when Batista fled were held in Embassy's. They were being shot at day and night. In my Granfathers case, for 89 days, to be exact. Until, they boarded my family on a plaine headed for Chile.

Fidel's real objective? To have the entire plane eliminated. It was at a time Castro could not afford to make more enemies. Thus the Chilean Government caught word and stopped the execution.

Yes, my Grandfather was a wealthy man he was a shrewed businessman and attorney. It so sad how many people forget that he lived in a modest 3 bedroom home. While he subsidized hundreds of families whom lived rent free in his properties throught Dade County.

To date, I remain objective as I do not and never have believed in any dictatorship. Yet, to compare Batista and Castro is beyond ridiculous. Please study up on the little things. Perhaps, you can start with -Body Counts? You have no idea of what you are rambling about.

One more fact, neither Senator Rubio nor I were Cuban born. And I find this to be so petty it stinks. Go ask Obama for his Birth Records again. Now that's a real topic of interest for me. I am sure Senator Rubio has his birth certificate intact. We are 100% American, "Cuban-American".

Perhaps, that irritates some people. What is most important is that we are patriotic enough to stand up for America because our parents taught us to be. Ergo he is a Senator and had the gutts to stand up for America on many occassions that might have been trying for him. I wonder are you?

Private Investigator NYC

I remember the first time I read that news, it was shocking. I'm so delightful to read an article of it again.

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