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Jim Greer: George LeMieux must be 'kidding' when he says he did minority outreach

A few days ago, we noted that Republican Senate candidate George LeMieux and former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer were at odds over a $150,000 contract LeMieux had with the RPOF. Greer said in April it was to advise former Gov. Charlie Crist, who appointed LeMieux to an interim U.S. Senate post that Crist ultimately lost to Marco Rubio.

LeMieux told the St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9 that the contract was for "minority outreach," and he took a swipe at Greer, who is charged with ripping off RPOF in a fundraising scheme. Greer is fighting the charges and says they're politically motivated by a party that didn't want to pay him severance.

So we asked Greer about the contract, and here's what he said:

"Minority outreach -- is he kidding?

"Here are the facts: I was instructed to give George a $10,000 month contract which was common practice . He provided no service whatsoever regarding minority outreach or any thing else of value that I was aware of."

"He later informed me the contract was  for him not receiving the full amount of an agreed upon bonus for Gov Crist winning the election. He only stopped receiving the payments in April or March of '09 after I advised him of media interest. And it was he who discontinued the arrangements and payments due to his concern over the contract."

Here's what LeMieux's campaign said: “It's sad Jim Greer is worried about his impending criminal trial and he’s clearly under a great deal of stress. However, that doesn’t change the fact that George LeMieux provided advice to the Republican Party of Florida in 2008 and early 2009 on a wide variety of topics, including minority outreach.” 

Greer wouldn't quite say who "instructed" him, but he suggested it was Crist and added that "Due to George's relationship with the governor and as the former chief of staff, his requests were adhered to many times without my knowledge."

"George seems to have memory loss about this and other matters, which he may need to be reminded of.

"I and my family have put up with enough lies and betrayal and pain.... Please know I liked George. But the damage that has been done to me, my wife and children requires the truth and facts on this and many other matters."


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And they were such good friends....

If Lemieux's sham contract was in fact a campaign bonus payment it is a criminal violation of the campaign laws.

Now I understand why Crist was only too happy to return Greer's $10,000 campaign contribution.

James Zee

Can't wait until Charlie Crist's deposition in this case becomes public record. Forget turning Democrat and running for Bill Young's seat; about the only thing left for him and Carol is some kind of TV reality show.


What these people have done to Jim and Lisa Greer is just terrible. I feel so bad for them both and the kids, all for Jim's loyalty to George and Charlie . How much more can they do to this poor man?


10 grand a month for 'advice'????


George Lemuiux if I am not mistaken I met you at a Lou Pearlman's party. I am sure the FBI has pictures. I would bet $210.00 that was you. See that is my retirment now since Lou was enabled or shared money with someone in Tallahasee allegedly to have a Ponzi scheme. This left my family destroyed and with no money. I have been forclosed upon. I do not know which of you were handeling the alleged coverup? Were you one of them?


I will be able to sleep at night the day Charlie Crist is behind bars.

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