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Liberal group to pitch health care law around Florida



A group with ties to the White House and liberal interest groups is planning to hold a series of town hall meetings around Florida to pitch seniors, Hispanics and college students on President Barack Obama's health care law.

While the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether to take up challenges to the Affordable Care Act (look for an announcement as soon as November), the group Know Your Care will promote benefits of the law at meetings planned so far in Orlando, Broward County and Tallahassee.

"This is an event for people with an open mind to learn how this effects them," said Darden Rice, a spokeswoman for the group who has ties to Progress Florida and the Sierra Club. "This is not the best event to come to if your mind is made up and you're just there to shout people down."

Know Your Care is a 501(c)3 organization whose political sister group, Protect Your Care, is a 501(c)4 that does not have to disclose its donors. (The groups reportedly had $5 million in April.)

Florida, predictably, is one of the five most important states for the groups. (Snapshot above from this PowerPoint.)

Protect Your Care is led by a pair of Democrats: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and former Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle.

Advisers for the groups include Paul Tewes, Obama's Iowa state director in 2008; Tanya Bjork, Obama's Wisconsin state director in 2008; and Deborah Tannenbaum, who was finance director for Fair Districts Florida and the Scott Maddox campaign for agriculture commissioner last year.

The group's first Florida meeting is scheduled for Oct. 28 at the Marks Street Senior Recreational Complex in Orlando. Speakers will include Florida Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, Florida Center for Fiscal & Economic Policy lobbyist Karen Woodall and Small Business Majority Director Rhett Buttle.