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Marco Rubio vs. Washington Post

Sen. Marco Rubio has written a column for Politico rebutting charges that he embellished his parents' story for political gain. So now that he's done warring with TV giant Univision, it's on to the Washington Post.

The Washington Post on Friday accused me of seeking political advantage by embellishing the story of how my parents arrived in the United States.

That is an outrageous allegation that is not only incorrect, but an insult to the sacrifices my parents made to provide a better life for their children. They claim I did this because “being connected to the post-revolution exile community gives a politician cachet that could never be achieved by someone identified with the pre-Castro exodus, a group sometimes viewed with suspicion.”

If The Washington Post wants to criticize me for getting a few dates wrong, I accept that. But to call into question the central and defining event of my parents’ young lives – the fact that a brutal communist dictator took control of their homeland and they were never able to return – is something I will not tolerate.

My understanding of my parents’ journey has always been based on what they told me about events that took place more than 50 years ago — more than a decade before I was born. What they described was not a timeline, or specific dates.

They talked about their desire to find a better life, and the pain of being separated from the nation of their birth. What they described was the struggle they faced growing up, and their obsession with giving their children the chance to do the things they never could.

But the Post story misses the point completely. The real essence of my family’s story is not about the date my parents first entered the United States. Or whether they travelled back and forth between the two nations. Or even the date they left Fidel Castro’s Cuba forever and permanently settled here.

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What about the fact that the Rubios moved back to Cuba AFTER the communist took over? By definition---they are not exiles.


Wonder why the Miami Herald didn't run this on the front page of their newspaper instead of a blog. Trying to protect Rubio from allegations???

Robert Jenkins

I exchanged e-mails with Marc Caputo on this. Perhaps he sees another point of view on this matter. Not that it will change his mind; I do though believe he understands it's more than politics. I believe it to be comparable to Stolen Valor. You know claiming to be a War Hero when you didn't actually serve at all. As my Father always said; A half truth; is a whole lie.


You've gotta wonder why Marc Caputo and The Miami Herald are taking Rubio's side. After all, The Herald has been publishing Rubio's propaganda as fact for some time. Less than a month ago, in a story written by Caputo about Rubio's pending autobiography, he stated Rubio's parents left Cuba "just before the 1959 revolution." We know this is a lie. Is The Herald in the journalism business or the public relations for local pols?

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