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Newt: Romney, Perry 'like 7th graders at a school yard.' Cain was cool

The idea man of the Republican presidential primary, Newt Gingrich, pours out a little acid tonight on Fox's Hannity show. Some excerpts:

On the exchanges between Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry during last night’s debate:

“Once or twice last night the level of intensity, particularly between Romney and Perry got to be almost like 7th graders at a school yard. And I felt very uncomfortable and I thought it hurt the entire Republican Party.”
On the tension during last night’s debate:

“It’s very important for us to remember. The goal of this effort is to defeat Barack Obama and get America back on the right track. The goal of this project isn’t to have one ego or ambition over another. The goal is to , and then go get beaten by the President because we’ve beaten each other up so much.”
On the performance of Herman Cain:

“There is a huge difference. Herman Cain stood up for about thirty minutes under all of us in one way or another raising questions, but the questions were civil, they were direct and they were based on policy – they weren’t bickering.”
On his fundraising efforts:

“In the last four days we raised more money than we raised in all of July and we’re seeing real progress. We will presently have offices in South Carolina, New Hampshire, and in Iowa in the next few days. You’re going to see a full blown campaign to the kind I’ve always wanted to run and I think we’re beginning to get our rhythm.”


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Last night was definitely an embarr assment for the GOP. Not one of the misfits had their act together. Many are trashing Anderson Cooper for not being a better ref. I think he saw this as his moment. He was expecting an all out bloody brawl among each of the candidates.


Newt is one person of substance here that is offering thoughtful, comprehensive solutions on a wide variety of core issues. He has the experience and doesn't needlessly bash others. Even if he doesn't win, his input will help to civilize and elevate this critically needed conversation.

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