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Obama appoints Shakira to Hispanic education advisory commission

The White House announced today that President Barack Obama is appointing pop star Shakira to the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

In her biography, the White House repeatedly refers to her as "Ms. Mebarak Ripoll." Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

Shakira, who has visited Capitol Hill to raise awareness for childhood education issues, has an impressive philanthropic background -- the White House biography notes merely that she is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer. But it goes on at length about her global educational efforts.

Shakira founded the Barefoot Foundation in 1995, which operates schools and educational projects in Colombia, South Africa, and Haiti, feeding and educating approximately 6,000 children.  In 2010, she collaborated with the World Bank and the Barefoot Foundation to establish an initiative that distributes educational and developmental programs for children across Latin America.

In 2008, Shakira served as the Honorary Chair of the Global Campaign for Education’s Global Action Week. In 2005, she became a founding member of Latin America in Solidarity Action, a coalition of artists and business leaders seeking to promote integrated early childhood public policies. She became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund in 2003, where she promotes the expansion and improvement of comprehensive early childhood care and education across the world.

Oh, she also has a new single! See below:



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joe blow

what a joke this Obama idiot is!
can this guy get any worse or drop any lower?
Shakira knows as much about education as I do gyrating my hips half naked.
Is it any wonder Obama is losing credibility fast and will be a one termer?


This is the sign of a Leader who is a desperate LOSER!!!!


You're not very bright are you? Probably a tea-bagger! If you re-read the article you will see that "Shakira founded the Barefoot Foundation in 1995, which operates schools and educational projects in Colombia, South Africa, and Haiti, feeding and educating approximately 6,000 children." I think this gives her some street cred when it comes to education ! Perhaps you should practice your reading skills before calling someone, other than yourself, an idiot!


Is Shakira even a US citizen??? I dont think she is from a quick google search. Im sure there are plenty of Hispanic US citizens he could have chose from other than this lady.


Tom: Does it really matter if she's a U.S. citizen? Even if she's not, she pays more taxes than you and your family.

Jebediah Gonzalez-Cohen

I could just look at her all day.

Ginger Vela

Since President Obama chose her for this position which, from her bio, she seems well suited to fill, that's just fine with me because I happen to trust his judgment.

Capitan Justicia

Shakira is not a US citizen, she's a proud Colombian, but her father was born in the US.


Don't sell your soul Shakira~!


Ummmm, there was a typo misspelling in the fifth paragraph, please fix it asap guys! Also, I think this short story needs to be rewritten and it needs a few quotes. Where is the Nut Graph?


A Very astute move ! Congrats Pres Obama, btter choice couldn't be made !

Nunya Dambidness

Why is there even a Hispanic Education Commission? We're not aliens, we learn the same d***m way anyone else learns. Teach math, english, reading, writing, art, P.E., history, civics & special ed if necessary,...why in the world does this commission exist? Freakin' ridiculous...

Nunya Dambidness

Does this exist?

President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Africans?

President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Canadians?

President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Europeans?

President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Asians?

President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Caribbean Islanders?

Then why in the h***l do we have one for Hispanics? I came to this country at the age of 8, barely knew a few words in English, I learned along with my classmates and wasn't signled out or considered "different". These types of divisional organizations is part of the reason we have so much division in this country. We are all AMERICANS, last I checked.

johnny simancas, sr

michael jackson could have been name head odf the Child Protective Service. Please Hugo Chavez you are next to the Advisory Oil Commission

David America

I am tea-bagger!!!! I don't read articles! I just make assumptions without reading anything and blame our president for all the follies my party made 4 years ago! CAIN!!!! DATS RIGHT CAIN!!!!!! 2012!!!! BOOOM SHAKALAKA!!


Once thing is sure. It is a very smart and politically correct move.
Congrats Mr. President, you got my vote

Juan Cuban

I am a MEMBER OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. I am not rich, but I am sure I will be one day in the future. That's why we need to protect the wealthy in this country. I don't have health care, but it's just because I am lazy and not because my insurance company dropped me since I have a history of asthma. YEAAAAAHHHHH CAIIIIIINNNNN IS THE MAN!!!!!!!! CUBAN POWER UNITE!!!!!


She's not a US citizen, nor Haitian, not even South Africa (imagine that). What does citizenship got to do with a positive role model to help out Hispanic population youths? Are we that blind and or Ignorant? How many Anglo pop singers are helping out in different roles in our country and (I'm sure) no one cares if they're US citizens or not. Speaking of double standards. THis is the same non-sense that have our country all messed up. Instead of looking for ways to make it better, is about the political lines and how to put down the ideas of a president because I'm not from his party. Let's get our heads out of the gutter and think...What can I do to make this country of ours a better one (pss...this mean doing..not gripping or bickering).

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