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Politifact: Genting's proposed casino would be nearly double largest in world

If we had to settle on one word to describe the $3 billion proposal for Genting's Resorts World Miami in downtown Miami at the current Miami Herald site, we might keep things simple and pick the word "big."

Genting has proposed a 10-million-square-foot development including a casino, and the Herald has reported on the various elements of the largesse -- a 3.6-acre outdoor lagoon as large as 12 Olympic-size swimming pools, 5,200 hotel rooms, 1,000 condo units, more than 50 restaurants, lounges, bars and nightclubs, ranging from fine dining to buffets and a food court for a total of 700,000 square feet, about 60 luxury shops, plus a marketplace for a total of 250,000 square feet, and 750,000 square feet of convention and meeting space including a 200,000-square-foot ballroom.

Big right? But what about the size of the casino space?

That's a question being raised by a group called No Casinos, who says Genting wants to build a casino in Miami that would be "nearly double the size of the largest casino in the world."

See why PolitiFact rates that claim Mostly True.


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Build Baby Build! This will be a good thing for South Florida and Miami. We need people coming here and the jobs.

Christian Berkee

Its time we make Miami a destination resort city, build our economy and create new jobs. GO Genting!


This monster of vice will change the face and image of Miami for the worse forever.

Some people in South Florida are feeling so desperate that they are willing to grasp at the straw of gambling to help us weather this recession. But to legalize gambling is to sell our selves short. The purported economic benefits of gambling never materialize. Just look at the Florida Lottery.

The gambling interests cannot identify one city in U.S. that has really flourished after it become a casino resort. In Atlantic City there is urban blight within blocks of the casino's. Detroit and Biloxi are still wastelands. In Vegas, the unemployment rate is over 13% and it has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

The argument that we should legalize casinos and not be worried that casino's bring crime and social ills because we already have crime and social ills does not make sense. Under that argument, we should legalize brothels because we already have prostitution. And we should legalize heroin because we already have heroin addicts. And we should legalize child pornography studios because we already have child pornography here.

Not to mention that fact that at least one of Genting's main partners, according to this newspaper, has "been named by the U.S. Justice Department as a money launderer for the Chinese Triads’ organized-crime syndicate."

Vice, organized crime, one-horse, low-rent economy. Is this really the future we envision for our community and our kids?

We need to slow down the process and think a little more long term.

Jim Standell

We desperately need the jobs in South Florida. Walt Disney World is behind this organized effort to defeat casinos in Florida. Let's get real. Disney is protecting their profits while also cutting their workforce. We need a new job creating corporation to come to Florida that will actually CREATE jobs.

Free USA

This would be an amazing addition to Miami's skyline. I for one am looking forward to swimming from Biscayne Blvd to Biscayne Bay. What a treat! I can only imagine how such a resort would put Miami on the world map. Build i say

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