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Raul Martinez emphasizes past success in latest Hialeah mayoral run

Raul Martinez has no doubt: Hialeah fell apart without him — and he’s just the man to fix things.

Martinez, who reigned over Miami-Dade County’s second-largest city for 24 years, left the mayor’s chair in 2005. He fished. He sunbathed in the Caribbean. He lost a bid for Congress and flirted with a county seat.

Now he wants his kingdom back.

Martinez, 62, is running for Hialeah strong mayor again, having been gone long enough to point out what his successors did wrong — and short enough to still credit himself for what he did right.

“I hear a lot of criticism about the past, but you know, you’re enjoying it today,” he said with a grin this week in a debate against his rivals, Mayor Carlos Hernandez, former state Sen. Rudy Garcia and political newcomer George Castro.

The swashbuckling Martinez, one of South Florida’s most successful — and polarizing — political figures, knows better than to run a campaign based solely on raving about the past. He also trumpets future plans, including building a public health clinic and affordable housing geared at single mothers and grandmothers raising their grandchildren.

And he concludes most appearances with one of those lines only a masterful politician can deliver well.

“Today, Hialeah doesn’t need a politician,” he says. “It needs a good administrator.”

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Joe Cool

It's hard to believe that Raul Martinez, an egomaniacal, corrupt, thug, politician that has become very wealthy on the backs of Hialeah citizens could become Mayor of
hialeah again. Future plans on building affordable housing and a public health
clinic, how does he plans on paying for it? Ask any democrat how, by raising your
taxes, that's how. Maybe Martinez could help pay for his clinic and housing by
donating his salary as mayor since he is collecting a pension that almost
$200,000 a year. Incredible and unbelievable, Hialeah's own "FIDEL", his name is
Raul Martinez.

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