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Reconsideration alert: Connie Mack to enter US Senate race

Florida Congressman Connie Mack is planning to enter the Republican race for U.S. Senate, adding a big name to a contest that has lacked drama for months.

"Connie Mack is running for the U.S. Senate. He is making calls. He is assembling a team. And he will have more to announce about the run in the weeks ahead," said David James, a senior adviser.

Mack, R-Fort Myers, declined to enter the race this spring when two of his former colleagues from the Florida House, Adam Hasner and Mike Haridopolos, were running. But Haridopolos dropped out earlier this summer.

But this could be a tough race for Mack, who could be perceived as too moderate -- especially when it comes to immigration -- in a Republican primary.

Alberto Martinez, a Hasner adviser, said this via Twitter: "Game on."

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Oh please

Adam Hasner more conservative than Connie Mack. Oh please!!! No one who looks at the records would come anywhere near that crazy conculsion.

Finally what this race needs a real conservative!! I'm so glad he has reconsidered we need Connie Mack in the US Senate.


Glad there is someone in the race I can vote for. LeMieux is a goof, Hasner is a nutball...Mack will be our next Senator.

Go Connie!!

Hallelujah!! I finally have a candidate!!

Noah Black

I'm sticking with Adam Hasner. He's got a great conservative record and when people focus more on the race I'm confident he'll solidify his position. Connie Mack should wait for another opportunity and get in early.


Please, please, PLEASE, let this little man run and not be my representative any more.His only claim to fame is his grand Daddy's name and he is married to Cher's ex=husbands widow. He is known here in Naples as the Califorina kidm as he really lives there, and rubber stamp Connie.Run Connie, run, I will support this run with money and effort. Because you can't run for both, and you can not carry a state wide victory.So then you won't have to come back to Naples, Florida ever!!!

Tea Party Bubba

Mack is a Hack always has been.
Running off name recognition from his great grandaddy's baseball career.

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