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Romney vs. Perry, the YouTube edition (Why did Romney pull his web ad?)

Now that Youtube is the preferred method of distributing press releases-turned video, here's what Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have to say about each other. Ouch


We intended to post the Romney video whacking Perry''s debate performance. But apparently, the Romney campaign removed it. Some conservatives bashed the ad as misleading and unnecessary. Here's a salvaged snippet:


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The magic of the TV attack ad. They work. Heck the Tea Party ads put a career Medicare Fraud felon into the Florida Governors mansion. They can do anything using television for promoting misleading false information and absolute lies. The Republicans did the same using the same advertising group that the Tea Party uses to attack John Kerry in the deplorable Swift Boats ads.

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I strongly agree with Sheila, yeah.. misleading ads should not be encouraged in the TV shows. They might effect TV channel as well as the organization!

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