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Six degrees of Rick? Democrats launch 'Rickpublicans.com'

The Florida Democratic Party has launched a fund-raising Web site - Rickpublicans.com -  that takes aim at some of the state's most prominent Republicans by pointing out their ties to unpopular Gov. Rick Scott.

The site opens up by defining the new term from Democrats:

[rick-puhb-li-kuh´n] noun 1. Proper name for Florida Republicans wrought with greed and corruption who are hell-bent on selling out to the corporations and special interests while leaving Florida’s middle class families out-to-dry.

The Republicans in the FDP's scope: U.S. Senate candidates George LeMieux, Adam Hasner and Mike McCalister and U.S. Reps. Allen West, David Rivera and Vern Buchanan.

Republican Party of Florida spokesman Brian Hughes responds:

"With the most recent state reports showing RPOF outraised Florida Democrats by 5-to-1, it’s no surprise they are desperate to raise money," Hughes said. "But this lame website demonstrates a level of desperation that is even worse than we thought possible. Instead of touting their anointed leaders, Barack Obama or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, they recycle ridiculous, cheap attacks. This tactic is more evidence why Floridians reject Democrats on Election Day."


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[Dem-uh-krat] an individual who is progressively to the left. Often referred to as “liberals,” “socialists,” “Marxists,” "anti-constitutionalist"

Progressives and statists are often interchangeable and indistinguishable from each other in how they have eroded the Constitution as law.

"They" pretend to be warriors for the working or middle class when in fact they see this segment of society as guilable an easily persuaded to support their cause.

“They” think they are above the law and not bound by the Constitution.

“They” have replaced freedom of the individual by creating a class system of power, privilege, prestige and entitlements dictated by government authority.

"They" oppose "free-market" economic principles and often ignore the law in-order to create this class system of who is in and who is out. (winner and losers)

"They" are financially irresponsible and believe that they can use the power of government to create a "false" utopian society.

While "They" pretend not to be, they are often the leaders of this political establishment who want to replace the law of freedom under the Constitution with a form of authoritarian, statist power that the political establishment and their cronies sit at the table of privilege.

Progressive Dee

We are the 99%

Bobby Buccellato

I'm sorry when did progression become something to fear?
Progressives are not above the law and they don't act like it.

Moving forward and being progressive in how you think and learn is not extreme.

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