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The Florida Democratic Party's $600,000 'discrepancies'

Back in the day (less than two years ago, actually) the Florida Democratic Party delighted in all the stories of the financial improprieties and irregularities at the Republican Party of Florida. Meantime, RPOF kept winning more elections than it lost and FDP did the opposite.

Now, after the worst drubbing it ever took at the polls, FDP is owning up to a colossal bookkeeping error: restating its cash-on-hand number from nearly $1 million to less than $500,000 (it's actually a 142 percent error, if anyone's interested). Maybe that's a tad off, but only if you apply the comedic logic in this snippet of dialogue from Airplane 2:

Stewardess: "We may have drifted off course a tad."

Passenger: "Just how much is a tad, exactly?"

Stewardess: "Well, in space terms, it's about half a million miles."

So the party is having trouble winning elections. And it's having trouble counting. Surely, FDP staffers were joking when they filed its first, problematic report. Nope. And stop calling them Shirley.

From Politico: "For the past year, the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida has been in a back-and-forth with the FEC over its campaign finance disclosures. The committee now tells the FEC that it overstated how much money it had in its account at the end of 2010 by nearly $600,000. In the end, the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida changed its year-end cash-on-hand number from $975,289 to a decidedly more modest $401,519. It also amended its original report to say that it had spent more than $7.13 million for the cycle instead of more than $6.67 million.

“The Florida Democratic Party undertook a comprehensive internal audit of its financial reporting for the 2010 election cycle,” it explained to the FEC. “As a result of the internal audit, the committee discovered discrepancies in its reports and filed comprehensive amendments to correct those errors.”

Posted by Adam C. Smith