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The inside story: Univision’s war with Rubio over immigration, drug report

Days before Univision aired a controversial story this summer about the decades-old drug bust of Marco Rubio’s brother-in-law, top staff with the Spanish-language media powerhouse offered what sounded like a deal to the U.S. senator’s staff.

If Rubio appeared on Al Punto —Univision’s national television show where the topic of immigration would likely be discussed — then the story of his brother-in-law’s troubles would be softened or might not run at all, according to Univision insiders and the Republican senator’s staff. They say the offer was made by Univision’s president of news, Isaac Lee.

But Lee said in an email to The Miami Herald that any insinuation that he offered a quid pro quo was “incorrect” and “defamatory.”

In a written statement Friday, Lee said: “With respect to Senator Rubio, Univision covered the story in the same objective, fair manner we cover every significant story. Univision did not offer to soften or spike a story...we would not make such an offer to any other subject of a news story and did not offer it in this case.”

Rubio never appeared on Al Punto, a national political affairs program broadcast on Sundays. Univision aired the story about Rubio’s brother-in-law, a lower-level player in a 1987 coke-and-pot ring, on July 11.

"I always knew Univision to be a professional organization until this happened," said Rubio, who won’t comment specifically on the case.

The conflict provides a rarely seen view of a politician warring with the press, and it also underscores the highly charged issue of immigration in the Hispanic community.

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WOW trying to blackmail Rubio into doing an interciew and then doing a silly 20 year-old story about nothing when he wouldn't. Journalish ethics, anyone?

col. kurtz

theres a lot more out there on Rubio that hasn't been examined until he gets on the GOP ticket.

joe blow

poor little Marquito!
I don't care about his brother in law but everyone know's Marquito is a thief with a big R on his chest!

El Mexicano

Marco crubio is a scumb.Has he forgott all the cubanos that have suffered just like any other immigrant in the united states Does he care at all? I am sure he is not But hey! he is just doing what is best for the PARTY!! Screw the party they dont care about no one,the republicans only objective has being to stop presindent obama from reelecting since he took office.Becouse theu y said he raised the debt ceiling from 10.5 bill to 14 bill Oh Really!! what about bush raising it from 6 billions and 0 deficit to 6.5 and dont forgett that the wars we are fighting are bush wars so somehow they got to be paid for.
The united states has seing greate prosperity when a democrat is in power.


Univision should focus on the fact that Rubio, who belongs to the "chosen people" among Latinos, ie the Cubans who get amnesty as soon as they set a dry foot on US territory, even opposes the DREAM Act let alone comprehensive immigration reform.
Had Rubio's parents been Mexican instead of Cuban, Rubio would be no more than any other "anchor baby".

El Picador

OUCH! Emma... It hurt to read your comment... but very true. I guess Rubio have to thank Castro for his family's status once they touched US soil.


It does not surprise me in the least that Univision would blackmail anyone. What does surprise me is that someone had the courage to come out and expose this entity for what it is.

Rubio denounces amnesty for illegal aliens and refuses to jump on board with the corrupted Luis Gutierrez and Robert Menendez in working on behalf of illegal aliens Vs working for the constituents who pay their salaries. Interesting to observe the Latinos who oppose another Latino upholding his oath of office and our laws.

Someone should inform them we will never allow them or those who profit from them to turn our country into a clone of the lawless, corrupt, and violent third world countries the illegal aliens left behind before invading ours.

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