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The latest birther absurdity: Miami-born Marco Rubio isn't a "natural" US citizen

Geeze. We always suspected that nativists/birther types thought Miami was a third-world country. Now here's some proof from Alex Leary of the St. Petersburg Times:

WASHINGTON -- Unable to prevent Barack Obama from becoming president, rigid followers of the Constitution have turned their attention to another young, charismatic politician many think could one day occupy the White House.

The birthers are calling for U.S. Sen Marco Rubio, the budding Republican star from Florida.

“It’s nothing to do with him personally. But you can’t change the rules because you like a certain person. Then you have no rules,” said New Jersey lawyer Mario Apuzzo.

Forget about Photoshopped birth certificates; the activists are not challenging whether Rubio was born in Miami. Rather, they say Rubio is ineligible under Article 2 of the Constitution which says “no person except a natural born citizen ... shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

The rub is that “natural born citizen” was never defined.

The birthers rely on writings at the time of the formation of the republic and references in court cases since then to contend that “natural born” means a person born to U.S. citizens. Rubio was born in 1971 at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, his office said, but his parents did not become citizens until 1975.

“Marco Rubio was born a Cuban citizen via his parents,” screams a headline on a blog by birther Charles Kerchner, who obtained copies of the naturalization petitions by Rubio’s parents in May, igniting talk that is spreading across the Internet.

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Cynical Idealist

I wonder when these morons will form their own political party and run a candidate for office?

JP Knight

The Democrats are no doubt pushing this and are going to try to keep this stupid pot stirred up for a while, in a feeble and desperate attempt to discredit Republicans. Marc Caputo, of course, has zero credibility with Republicans, which is exactly the same level of credibility that his employer has. The fact is that Republicans nationwide are 100% behind Marco.


JP Knight- The idiots that came up with this birther crap are republicans.

Looks like these folks don't believe you're eligible to be president unless you're a native born. That means all you white folks are NOT eligible!!

or ... your great great grandparents have to be US born to make YOU eligible. What a bunch of macaroons!


Geesh is right! Marco Rubio is one of my favorite politicians and a patriot. Count me as one who does not believe this story but Marco Ruio himself. He is an honest Tea Party conservative. As a Tea Party conservative myself I would support him in a heartbeat and certainly not the Miami Herald. What silliness.


This issue isn't a left or right issue its simply based upon the founders intent and best wishes for our nation.

Perhaps the best suggestion is to simply become informed. It does appear we already have one person who is an illegal president should we now have an illegal republican as POTUS or VP? I think not!

By the way Rudio is no true supporter of limited gov at all here is why:

He didn't mind the state budget giving away $800,000.00 for artificial turf on Miami-Dade fields where he played "Flag football."


Aren't we all "rigid followers of the Constitution"? Didn't we all,through our natural born ancestors, swear to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both domestic and foreign?

I also have a habit of following binding legal precedent as set by the US Supreme Court, am I now a rigid follower of the Courts? Isn't every law abiding citizen supposed to follow the law of the land?

Let me try and explain this to you one more time: There are two ways to achieve birthright citizenship, having been born within the jurisdiction: via Article II and by the 14th Amendment.

Only those who are born within the jurisdiction of citizen parents are Article II 'native' or natural born Citizen (Minor). Those who are not, are 14th Amendment citizens (Wong), and cannot qualify to take the oath of office of the presidency or vice-presidency. Both Sen. Rubio and Obama are 14th Amendment citizens, plus others: Susan Martinez, Governor of New Mexico and Brian Sandoval, Governor of Navada.

ex animo

Roger Cole

Well, whoever the next few presidents are, after the Obama experience I can't imagine that the Left will get another shot at it at least until another generation emerges who haven't experienced the frustration and dismay of watching an administration that seems to imagine that it can reduce unemployment by declaring war on business.


There have several court cases regarding "natural born citizens" and the courts have unamiously found that even though you were born in the US but your parents were not US citizens you ARE NOT a natural born US citizen, therefore Marco Rubio cannot run for any office higher than the US senate or a congressional seat. Which leads us to the case of illegal immigrants having there children born here....many of them were naturalized when RONALD REAGAN gave amnesty to illegall aliens many years ago....Marco Rubia was born BEFORE this amnesty was given....sorry but Marco Rubia can never run for president or vice president....The Heritage foundation will veryify this.


John, can you tell us which court cases you're referring to? Thanks, Mike


Devil's Advocate asks, "Then what if a pregnant Iranian couple is here on vacation, the woman goes into premature labor, and they have the baby here on US soil? Is that child then eligible to be President? Does it matter if they never go back to Iran and, rather, raise the child here his whole life? What if they take the baby home, then he returns 40 years later and wants to run for President?"

James Norquist

If a pregnant Iranian couple has the baby here on US soil, it is my opinion that the child is eligible to be President. It does not matter if they never go back to Iran; it does not matter if they take the baby home and then he returns 40 years later and wants to run for president. He or she is eligible.


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Unbelievable - If an I.Q. test were required before voting there would be no Republicans left to vote. These birthers are just nuts.

Lori King

If he was born in Miami Florida he is a natural born citizen they can't disqualify him because his dad wasn't as President Obama's father was not a US citizen....

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