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"They may not love him but they'll still cast a ballot for him"

PPP polled the Florida Senate race again, and says it's "the same old story."

The story? "Bill Nelson's approval numbers don't look terrribly impressive but he has a double digit lead over all of his Republican opponents anyway."

The North Carolina-based pollsters, who do a lot of work for Democrats, report that the incumbent's approval rating is at 40 percent this month, with 32 percent of voters disapproving of him. "He actually has an unusual -- and healthy -- amount of crossover support from Republicans," the pollsters wrote. They found 21 percent of Republcians think Nelson's doing a good job; only 45 percent give him bad marks.

What keeps Nelson's approval low? A lack of enthusiasm for him from Democratic voters, the pollsters said. Only 62 percent of Democratic voters approve, to 20 percent disapproving. "Usually you'll see a senator more in the 70 to 80 percent approval range within their own party," the pollsters noted.

That said, 80 to 84 percent of Democrats said they'd vote for him over any of his potential Republican opponents.  He also has 12 to 15 percent crossover support from Republican voters, against his potential Republican opponents.  Neslon leads Mike McCalister 47 to 34, George LeMieux and Adam Hasner each 49 to 35, and Craig Miller 49 to 32. Nelson also has leads ranging from 19 to 25 points with independent voters, PPP found.