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Video: Rubio's 'the son of exiles' speech

"I will always be the son of exiles." This is the part of Marco Rubio's Senate victory speech on election night, November 2, 2010, where he speaks about being part of the exile community.

This week, a media firestorm has forced the Cuban-American senator to defend his experience amid questions about the timing of his parents emigration from Cuba. Story here.


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There is no evidence whatsoever that the Rubios were forced out of Cuba by the government....and there's no evidence that they couldn't return (in fact they did AFTER Castro took over). Therefore by definition--Rubio IS NOT an exile.

It has not been mentioned that under Cuban law a child born abroad to Cuban parents (Rubio) is a citizen of Cuba.

There is no shame in the fact that the Rubios ultimately immigrated to America for greater opportunity. Why can't he just say that without distorting his family history to make it look like they escaped the strong arm of the Castro regime?

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