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Black caucus to Scott: More judicial diversity, faster restoration of rights, fewer jokes

Gov. Rick Scott was urged Tuesday by the Florida Legislative Black Caucus to appoint fewer "Scott clones" and more African-Americans to judicial openings.

Two of the 36 judges Scott has appointed since January are African-American, a record Rep. Darryl Rouson called "bleak."

"They might not always think like you, but they respect the rule of law," said Rouson, D-St. Petersburg.

Story here.


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harry houdini

Rouson and Mia Jones, "what a pair." Both very liberal politicians are out for their own political careers, not the well being of the Judicial System.

Give me a break!

JP Knight

Governor Scott does not believe the Constitutions of the United States and Florida are pesky obstacles around which judges can and should navigate in order to implement their personal visions of "social justice." In order to create and perpetuate an utterly false portrait of him, the article says not one single word about the Hispanics, women, and openly gay people the Governor has placed on the bench.

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