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Bret Baier Q&A shows why Mitt Romney shies away from media asking about his record

Mitt Romney has received his share of grief for ducking reporters, with fellow Republican opponent Jon Huntsman releasing a “Scared Mittless” web ad that poked fun at the candidate's penchant for avoiding the news media.

Tonight, Fox News’ Bret Baier showed why Romney doesn’t do too many interviews. It took a good amount of digging for Baier to show that Romney really has no plan to deal with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Romney doesn’t want them hunted down. But he doesn’t want them to stay. He wants them to apply for citizenship and go home. Which they won’t do because they’re here illegally.

This Mitt Romney wasn't the calm Mitt Romney of the debates.

At times during the interview, Romney was icily peevish. He laughed mirthlessly, or denied video evidence showed him shifting his positions or suggested he was espousing clear positions – which nevertheless required clarification. When pushed, he told Baier at one point that people should read his book.

Just what everyone wants: A candidate whose positions require homework, if not a concordance.

Baier noted a few of Romney’s flip flops: climate change, abortion, immigration, gay rights.

Romney: “Your list is just not accurate. We’re going to have to be better informed about my views on issues.”

Baier pushed, noting the stances Romney has taken in previous video interviews.

Romney: “I’m glad that the Democratic ads are breaking through and you guys at Fox are seeing them.”

Baier: “Jon Huntsman has a couple ads that do the exact same thing.”

Romney: “There’s no question people are going to take snippets and things out of context and try and show there are differences where in some cases there are not.” Romney acknowledges he changed on abortion, just like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Baier then asked about a 2006 Bloomberg article in which Romney's immigration position seemed to conflict with his new stance.

Romney: “Those people that are here illegally today should have the opportunity to register and to have their status identified. And those individuals should get in line with everyone else that’s in line legally. They should not be placed ahead of the line. They should instead go at the back of the line. And they should not be allowed to stay in this country and be given permanent residency or citizenship merely because they’ve come here illegally.”

Baier: Doesn’t that resemble Gingrich’s view

“My view’s pretty straightforward: For those people who’ve come here illegally, they should have the opportunity to get in line with everybody else who wants come into this country. But they got to the back of the line. And they should be given no special pathway to citizenship or permanent residency merely because they’ve come here illegally.”

Baier: So they do it outside this country?

Romney: “I…ah…uh…Whether they apply here or whether they apply by going home. I think I’ve said in the past it makes more sense for them to home.”

Baier: What of the 11 million here? You made a point in 2006 you made a point we’re not going to round them up and send them out.

Romney: “There’s a great interest on the part of some to talk about what we do with the 11 million. My interest is saying let’s make sure that we secure the border. And we don’t do anything that talks about bringing in a new wave of those -- or attracting a new wave of people into the country illegally. The right course for us is to secure the border and say nothing about amnesty or tuition breaks to illegal aliens or anything else that draws people into the country illegally.

“The right course: secure the border and then we can determine what’s the right way we can deal with the 11 million. And to make it as clear as I possibly can: Let those people apply just like everybody else that wants to come to this country. But they have to apply at the back of the line as opposed to jumping into the front because they’ve come here illegally.”

Now about the similarities between ObamaCare and RomneyCare….



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Michael Cook

I have seen fish that flip flop less than Mitt did during this interview with Bret Bier.

Petula of Caddyshack

He's not a career politician, but he is sincere. If this is all you can find wrong with Mitt, I suggest you vote for him. He will turn things around in this country and make things better for all of us. His focus on the middle class is sincere and he will follow through. The winners outnumber the loosers much more with Mitt's approach, and he will not leave the lower middle class or the lower class behind. You won't be sorry, vote Mitt. Let Gingrich fall by the wayside. He is much too vulnerable in the general election. A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama...be smart...vote Mitt.

Worried for the country

Mr. Romney is correct. The flip flop attack is a media supported, DNC created myth. The one exception is on abortion and Mitt has explained that one -- you can accept or reject that explanation.

The video clips used are not complete and taken out of context.

I will say Mr. Romney has a tough job countering the flip flop myth and has failed to do so thus far.

His record is much more consistent than the myth portrays. In fact, Newt and Mr. Obama have far more recent flip flops than Mitt but they appear immune from this type of attack.


Mitt's campaign people do come up with inventive names when posting in these forums.

Edosa Eweka

It is quite strange that Mitt Romney is almost now crying about being distorted, and that his speeches or comments are taken out of context. He started this by putting forward an ad, completely distorting the comments of Obama - barefaced lies he must apologize for. Why fight a battle from two fronts? Why not take care of the primary first, and after winning, rally the troops against Obama? What Romney has demonstrated in the last month or so is arrogance by assuming his coronation as the Republican presidential candidate even before he had passed through the primary. He may eventually win the primary, but he will not win the presidency - Obama will win.

Forrest Higgs

Romney simply can't accept that a lot of Republicans like him even less than they liked McCain.

Jary Welker

There may be no question that Mitt Romney has changed positions on issues - show me a candidate who does not over time. Even the revered by conservatives Ronald Reagan changed positions. What is more intriguing is how amiable Fox News reporters are with Newt - someone they have covered over time. Newt has obviously had to back track on a number of things yet no flip flop charges are leveled at him. What is also intriguing is the animosity or even hatred of so many toward Mitt, even among many of the Fox News so called reporters. Their commentary, including Brett's at times, drips with sarcasm or worse. Their reporting has sadly turned to more "gotcha" type of questions. The fact that his numbers are fairly steady throughout all of this has been amazing more than anything.

A.M. Mallett

Mitt is not going to be the nominee of the Republican Party. He is not capable of breaking out of the 30% range and 70% of likely Republican primary voters would prefer somebody else.

Thomas Eudy

Romney has always been testy. I like Newt because he can answer a tough question thoroughly without and not play the victim.

RR, Virginia

OK, so Romney is imperfect ... but who else stands ANY chance of actually beating Obama next year? Once recent electoral calculation showed Romney fairly close to Obama in likely electoral votes--a real problem for an incumbant who previously won an electoral landslide--while Gingrich would loose badly. So why do conservatives feel a need to constantly beat up on Romney? Please don't tell me you think Romney would be worse than Obama?


Of Course Mitt is going to allow long-time illegals to stay (what else can he do?), but he cannot publicly say that (as Newt did)-- if you do, you help intensify the magnet. It would be similar to a candidate taking a foreign policy stance to expand US spying operations. Of course the candidate might want to do it, but putting everyone on public notice kind of sabotages the overall plan.


if mitt romney would just be himself, he'd make a hell of a president. that being said, it would endanger his chances of being the nominee.


Gingrich doesn't flipflop. He outright lies. And then lies on top of his lies. Yet Republicans are gravitating toward him like a mouse to a trap with a piece of cheese on it. That SNAP you're going to hear is the trap snapping shut on their heads if Gingrich is nominated and Obama wins 4 more years.


Mitt Romney is just plain not likeable. He comes across and smug and plastic. Fair or not, he will be portrayed as a Wall Street Fat Cat Insider. (see Bain Capital).


Honestly, I don't get why Newt is even a possibility. Accused of 80+ ethics violations, turbulent relationships with most of his own party (we don't need the return of Tom Delay and Dick Armey tactics), huge marriage infidelity... etc. And, the evangelist Baptists are willing to overlook all of this because he is not Mormon? Give me a break. It would be better to stay with Obama than bring in Newt who would destroy the advances made by the Tea Party and Republicans before the November election.

Jacksonian Libertarian

Actions speak louder than words
Newt has balanced the budget, reformed welfare, cut taxes
Mitt has created Romneycare, and raised taxes
Which do you think America needs the most?


Conservatives may be in for disappointment if Newt gets the nomination. Any man that TWICE leaves his wife in the manner he did has no moral compass. And this is the conservative frontrunner? Conservatives better get their house in order.

The Sweaty Federalist

Mitt Romney has already earned my vote if the contest is who will replace Martin Sheen on a remake of the ‘West Wing’. Presidential in bearing and hairstyle, Mitt offers bland comfort for those Americans who favor power ties and managerial confidence over powerful ideas and constitutional fidelity.

I won’t bore you with a statement affirming that yes, I would choose Mitt over Barry. If a meteor struck the next GOP debate stage leaving only Jon Huntsman standing, I won’t be the last Republican on my block sporting a ‘Hunty 2012!’ bumper sticker...


Those liberal elites over at Fox News just aren't giving Mitt a fair shake.

Edosa Eweka

For those who still insist that Mitt Romney should be excused, please go to

http://www.youtube.com/watch v=tjo6GXSqIN8&feature=youtu.be

In 2007 Meet the Press interview, Mitt Romney outlines his views on illegal immigration and says the 12 million illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship.

Vote Conservative

Let me explain it so that there is no confusion as to why Mitt Romney will NOT be the Republican nominee.

1) Nobody likes a fair weather fan. In other words, Mitt's credibility on his 'conservative' values is lacking, well, credibility. He has been on BOTH sides of EVERY major issue.

2) Contrary to popular belief, he is not the most electable. I'd have to say that would be Huntsman. Could the dems / liberal media trash him the same way they do Romney? - No. The fact he's served under 3 (?) presidents, including Obama, would make any character attacks more difficult.

3) The Republican base (at least a large majority of them) want a CONSERVATIVE nominee. And that's why Huntsman could never win the nominee as well.

4) He has a problem with what I call the weasel issue. He doesn't come off as someone people can trust. Quite the opposite.

5) When caught flopping red handed, WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE, he just denies it! Good strategy for people that don't pay attention, but about flip flopping? That's what the heat is on him. At least have a good reason, like you thought about it and you changed your mind. That's why Newt's position changes won't hurt him.

Personally, I think Mitt's on a downhill slide.

Newt's rise in the poll's is a signal that people are finally listening to the candidates, and not picking the 'cool guy'.

If someone can point me to some reason they think I may be mistaken, please, enlighten me! I have watched hours and hours of speeches by all the candidates. Mitt's not the guy...

Take 1/2 an hour an watch a couple of Newt's speeches on YouTube. It's not only that he has talking points on what is wrong, he is the ONLY guy that can specifically define what we need to do to fix our nations problems. If a candidate doesn't have a solution to a problem but attacks other peoples solutions, that just tells me he's only half prepared for battle.

Oh, and saying that Newt or Perry support amnesty is a flat out lie, and Mitt know's it...


Actions speak louder than words...true.
Because of Newt's alienating tactics, we lost control of the house. He was despised as much, if not more, than Nancy Pelosi. We do not need those actions to return.

Newt is smug, glib, pretentious, contentious, etc. Like Herman Cain, he uses folksy one-liners that gets laughs... but he doesn't have the self discipline needed to be president. He has few friends and won't get many endorsements.

A Newt nomination will only yield an Obama 2nd term. Very sad.


That Bret Baer interview was sad...I can see why Romney was wondering why Baer would only reiterate dem attack ads and admitted that's where the questions came from! Baer should know better and should do his homework! Fox has become the attack Romney and promote anyone but Romney network! This fair and balanced crap doesn't seem to apply to Romney's coverage obviously! I've started keeping score and Romney is getting ripped on FOX the majority of the time! What was the 2 day endless coverage of the New Hampshire paper endorsement of Gingrich? Romney has way more endorsements than that and never got ANY coverage for a single one! Where's the fair and balanced gone? Keep promoting Gingrich Fox News...you'll go down with Gingrich and get blamed for causing the whole thing!


Oh come on. That video evidence was out of context to the whole statement that Mitt made. Brett Baier did not pull anything over on Mitt. The only place Mitt fidgeted was when, for the umpteenth time, Brett asked the inane question about MA healthcare reform which Romney and the rest of the field had already put to rest.

Mitt Romney is, as Rush Limbaugh stated 4 years ago, the complete package with all 3 legs of conservatism. No other Republican candidate has everything that Mitt Romney has.

Cain? Great businessman. Mitt is better and has foreign policy.

Huntsman? Good foreign policy. But Mitt's plans and team are better, plus Romney ran a very liberal state conservatively and Huntsman ran a very conservative state liberally.

Perry? He created a plethora of jobs in his state. ... For illegals. What did Mitt do? He took his state from 6.0% unemployment and growing to 4.7% and stabilizing. Plus, Perry used TARP money to balance his state's budget. Romney balanced his budget by reducing the size of gov't. (He took a $3 billion deficit and turned it into a $2 billion surplus.)

Gingrich? He is intelligent and knows his topics and can easily debate anyone. Romney can too. He didn't spend the past 6 years preparing to run for POTUS by twiddling his thumbs. Romney can and will debate Obama into the ground. Flip Flops? Oh, sure, Mitt admits his change of heart on abortion, but Gingrich is the master flipper. Just in the past 6 months he's made stupid comments that have riled up the Republicans.

Romney has been consistent for well over 16 years on abortion and with regards to other issues, he fully studies them out, as any leader should, before making a decision.


Vote Conservative is a bonehead! You can spare us your long posts and listen up! Any candidate besides Romney is going to go down hard...ESPECIALLY Gingrich! Gingrich has a VERY long horrible record and when the debate starts with Obama, Newt will be toast in 2 seconds! Newt isn't smart, he's just conniving and manipulative like his record shows. Obama will point out Mass. healthcare in debate with Romney, and Romney will mop the floor with him, first pointing out that doing it at the state level was right everyday of the week and twice on Sunday! Obama was wrong to force cover EVERY living human being in the U.S. and do it on the federal level and that's why the U.S. Supreme Court will strike it down! Romney was right! The only thing Romney ever changed his mind on was abortion...big deal, any smart person would! Next subject??? Romney Wins!! Romney 2012-2020!!!


I like Herman Cain. I really hope he doesn't cave to the smear campaign against him. Let's all remember William Clinton and his girl, Monica.

Steve Baylis

Lots of paid Romney staffers online today. It's a good thing he can afford them now.

G. Fisher

In response to
Dave.....Yes and Newt was cleared of all those ethics violations after the dems attacked and chased him out of office. They got what they wanted, to get rid of a very effective Republican Speaker of the House. I'd happily vote for either Newt or Mitt....


Mitt Romney is a class act. The only reason he is not the runaway favorite is because he is a Mormon. Newt Gingrich betrays his family, don't be so foolish as to think he wouldn't do the same thing to you, the meaningless voter.

Alex Conningham

As a Brit who loves to follow American news let me offer a different perspective. Winston Churchill become the leader at the age of 66 but not without many misgivings on the part of his own party. His previous history suggested boldness, adventure, brilliance, a maverick touch, a gift with words, but also unpredictability, making enemies, and mistakes alongside the successes. I suggest that Gingrich is that type of man. Like Churchill, I suspect he will rise to the challenge.
I believe he would be a superb president!


What ruined it for me with Mitt was when I heard the story of what he did to his dog. For those of you who don't know, he got mad at the dog for peeing or something and made him ride in the dog crate on the roof of the car--all the way to Massachusetts! Google it. Any guy acts like that to a dog I don't like.


Alex Conningham,
I believe you are right. I have met Mr. Gingrich personally and he is a brilliant man. He does have baggage with his marriages, but we're looking for someone to lead the country. What he wants to do in private is his business. He's never denied his divorces or his failings, so while I might not live my private life as he does, I don't care. I want someone who will lead the nation. Gingrich is that man.


Everyone needs to get behind one candidate...the one that can defeat Obama & that is Mitt Romney. People change their opinions when the facts change & they've gotten wiser. It's better to be a bit of a flip-flopper than to be a total FLOP. Newt is arrogant & basically not a very nice person. Look at his record. Too much baggage for the general election. We need someone who knows economics & will turn things around. Mitt Romney is that candidate.

Jay Craig

The transcript is in error. Baier asks "What of the 11 million here? You made a point in 2006 you made a point we're not going to round up and send them out."

Romney's first two words are "That's right," which are left out of the transcript. He then proceeds to say "There's a great interest on the the part of some about what we do with the 11 moillion. My interest is saying let's make sure that we secure the border."

Romney's position is clear in this interview, though not well organized in it's presentation, and it does not conflict with the 2006 clip. He wants to offer the chance for those here illegally to sign up for citizenship, then go to the back of the line. He says it is best for them to go back to their homes, but he is not going to round them up. And he does not not want to talk about it any more than that until the border is secured. I think most Americans, and definitely most Republicans, agree with that position.


Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and now Alex Conningham...go ahead, choose our American Idol. But, for me, if it is Newt, I'm turning the telly off. the election is too critical to, in your words, suck it and see. The odds are very high that Newt is not a Winston Churchill.


This is why Mitt Romney should not be our next President. He changes his opinions and positions so much that he has no convictions or genuine principles. Newt Gingrich is the best chance for a GOP victory in 2012 and he's always finding real solutions to our national problems. Romney is just a glossy politician...


Bret Baier and most of the other Fox team members are openly hostile toward Romney. Watch The Five, O'Reilly, ...all are far right, ultra-conservative--anybody but Romney crowd. I've been Republican all my life but their nonsense love-affair with any other candidate makes them totally non-credible. The Foxs-sponsored debate was full of "gotchas" just like Bret's interview. Then they distort Romney's answers to try to make themselves look good--deleting any parts where he clarifies. Indeed, Bret was not an impartial interviewer. He was an angry attack dog trying to bait Romney. I can hardly stand to watch this network anymore, groveling for the far right. I started out supporting the Tea Party. They bear a major responsibility for the mess we are in with their inability to even consider compromise...and their dutiful pledge to Grover Norquist. Republicans better be careful next November. They are becoming the party of the rich (anti-elderly, anti-middle America) and the super conservatives. Too bad.


What a terrible choice (within and outside the GOP)
Romney changed his views to fit the constituency (which is understandable) but does he actually have any core values beyond the obvious: Mormonism (which is a cult and has views that are spooky/scary) and making money.
He was a competent head of the winter olympics and made a fortune stripping companies of its workers.
Gingrich is smart (just ask him), arrogant (just watch him) and a terrible executive at any level (His 3 marriages and affairs are personal not political concerns)

And then there is Obama and his failed presidency.

The Man Who Is Right About Everything

Fox news and Bret Baier are a joke. He was belligerent from the start, aggressive in tone, condescending in his questions, and didn't seem interested in getting any answers...only in trying to 'catch' him in some gotcha questions.

I am a hard core conservative who no longer watches Fox News.

From the screeches of Greta to the juvenile, moronic panel 'dissecting' the Romney interview, it was embarrassing for Fox. You can tell Fox is taking some heat on this because of all the follow ups/explanations and trying to get their side of the story out. Goldberg was all over NRO today trying to walk back his junior high girlish comments, I know Fox is paying you and all Jonah, but when you cash the checks you dance to their music.

Dumb move by the mouth breathers at Fox...Gingrich will implode under the weight of all his contradictions, lobbying, outright lies and dubious moral qualities. Romney wins the primary and the general and Fox is stuck with whatever Rubes still call themselves Tea Party while President Romney is sworn in in January 2013.

To use a Bushism..."Heck of a job Baier... heck of a job." Fox is fair and balanced like Gingrich is thin and monogamous.


Mark, I thought that Gingrich supporters would never exclude voting for Romney just because he was a Mormon (sarcasm). Thanks for making it clear who has the classy supporters (hint, not Gingrich).


Mitt Romney Supporter


The whole idea that conservatives who object to Romney do so just because he is Mormon is ludicrous. I don't care if he's a Druid. I want the guy who is best for the job, and it isn't Romney.

My favorite Romney line is that he's a businessman, not a politician. Well, it's not for lack of trying, it's for lack of succeeding. He's a loser. He's been running for one office or another for twenty years and he's lost them all but one.


Romney is a true politician. Able to say lots of pretty words without actually telling you anything useful.

Ron Paul 2012


Romney needs to realize, if he wants to be in this race he needs to answer questions he doesn't want to answer. Every other candidate has to do it, and he is no exception. If he wants to be president, he'll have to learn how to answer tough questions.


Do you people even know what you're talking about?

Did any of you who say that Bret Baier was "hostile" towards Romney even watch the interview?

Do you think that possibly the fact that Romney does not give interviews has any bearing on his lack of composure when pressed on certain issues?

Romney will be confronted time and time again with every issue he has flip flopped on. It will come up in his next interview, and even the one after that. Bret B. gave him an opportunity to perfect his message and instead, he showed he is seriously out of touch with reality. In my own opinion, he comes off as an elitist and I think the more he is interviewed, the more that he will continue to slide in the polls. That's probably why his campaign made the decision a long time ago that he will not do interviews. He has done VERY few since this race began.

His time has passed. I've said since September he would be done by Florida. That may happen sooner that I thought.


I'm afraid that Mitt is kind of like the dessert that people put in their fridge thinking they will eat later, but when tomorrow comes, you'd rather have something different.

By the time you're ready to eat the desert you've been thinking about all week, you hear this little voice in the back of your head saying "Hold on a minute, maybe I waited too long to eat this thing. It doesn't sound so good anymore."

William Cridland

Well when you got Rupert Murdock Roger Ailes and surrogate Bret Baier who are negative againgst Romney , I have news for them as a long time Margaret Thatcher Conservative in the UK and many years a Conservative am voting for Mitt Romney. Like Gingrich , Mitt never slept with his secretary while castigating the Lewinsky affair. Newt got kicked out of office by his own party because he was a liability .Many ethics violations .Bret Baier's interview with Mitt was so positively negative and controlled from the top . On the Hannity show Hannity was passing soft balls to Newt and laughing all the time. What is going on at FoxNews , we are being subjected to this idiot Beckel on every show that's around . This guy is gross.News from thousands of Conservatives are we are not watching Foxnews . Rather watch a Clint Eastwood movie. By the way I am not voting for this liar and womanizer Newt no way .


Re: William Cridland

You must be a dual citizen??

You're right, Newt never slept with his secretary.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton was not for his transgressions with Monica Lewinsky, it was for LYING to a Federal Judge, which as an attorney and as President of The United States, Clinton knew was illegal.

Newt was and always has been polarizing, confrontational, and a conservative. Ronald Reagan wrote admirably of him in his diary. During his time as speaker, he set an agenda and wrestled with Elephants and Donkeys alike. He was a target of tens of thousands of attack ads, smear campaigns and outright lies.

The 84 ethics violation accusations were found baseless, save one document that his legal counsel told him to sign, and for that he paid $300,000.00. He was cleared of any wrong doing by the IRS. Accusations are accusations...not proof of guilt.

Your conspiracy theory that Rupert Murdock or Roger Ailes would somehow dictate to Bret Baier what to ask Mitt Romney is the stuff of liberal media paranoia. Baier is one of the most respected anchors of Fox News. He is not a commentator and such baseless accusations reminds me of Rachel Maddow and her babel.

All you RINO's that don't want to vote for anyone but Romney should stop attacking candidates and simply articulate you're heartfelt support of why Romney should win.

I really don't care, but I get so annoyed when people show their support for candidates by bashing others. I can give you 100 reasons why every president in the history of the country shouldn't have been elected...It's much harder to articulate why they should have been, current President included.

I suggest a debate between Romney and Gingrich, similar to the one's Newt's had with Santorum and Cain to settle this crazy talk that Romney is better suited to be the Republican nominee.

Newt's not at all a perfect candidate. However, take away his multiple marriages, the document noted above, and the Nancy Pelosi commercial and he sure looks Presidential to me.


"Romney acknowledges he changed on abortion, just like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush."

As has been pointed out by many other outlets, Romney isn't doing himself any favors with this comparison, since George W. Bush's anti-choice stance has actually been entirely consistent since his earliest days in politics (and, according to his statements, since childhood). It's possible Romney is thinking of George H. W. Bush, who did indeed shift his positions with regard to abortion rights over his career... but then again, Romney has made this same mistake before, in 2008.

'Darlene Wagner

Here's the story told by the Romney's kids who probaly had him stop every couple of hours to make sure the dog was ok. But this is a good example of the crap Romney has to take from idiots.
"Family members told the Globe that Romney attached a special windshield onto Seamus' carrier to protect him from the wind. Romney was traveling that summer with his wife, five sons, and Seamus to his parent's cottage on Lake Huron. But hours into the ride, Seamus apparently suffered diarrhea, which ran down the back window of the car. Romney's sons, all under 14, howled in disgust. Romney pulled off the road into a service station. There, he borrowed a hose, washed down Seamus and the car, and they drove on to Ontario." Romney is a great family man! He has my vote.

Rick Waltman

The Republicans are the best thing the democrats have going for them! Pundits like Limbaugh and Levin are pandering to their audiences and if they had their way, whoever got the republican nomination would be UNELECTABLE! The wing nuts on the far right are every bit as amiss as the far left.

The hoopla over Romney's flip-flops is more example of the complete hypocrisy in the media and all the sheep in the country (many good examples who posted here) that cannot think for themselves and evaluate fairly what is going on. Just look at how the FOX fair and balanced media just laughed off Newt's commercial with Nancy Pelosi over global warming (trust me, the left is holding that one for later in case Newt gets the nomination.) The new darling and “Anyone but Mitt” candidate, Gingrich has enough flip-flops to make even Romney blush. He also takes hypocrisy to a new level. A serial womanizer himself, all the while throwing stones at Bill Clinton and lecturing him on morality. Gingrich has had a convenient conversion to religion, so all is forgiven. I’m sure a clean conscience helps him abide the pressure of his shopping sprees at Tiffany’s where he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

It’s a fact he took $1.6 million from Freddie MAC right before the housing crisis hit. Either he is an incompetent consultant or the more likely, it was money paid for his influence. A think tank founded by Newt took in $37 million from health care companies that support individual mandates….exactly like Obamacare. Even Rush Limbaugh was at a loss for words to explain Newt’s position….and that is quite an accomplishment to leave a rival egotist like elRushbo speechless! Of course, no one presses him on his flip-flops like Bret Baier did with Romney. Gingrich has made millions of dollars influence peddling and trading on his years as a government bureaucrat. Romney succeeded in business, then went to government service. Gingrich should be on FOX’s payroll….they certainly have him on their speed dial. They are upset with Romney because he won’t become a fixture on their network, which Newt is all too happy to do.

Gingrich was run out of Washington by his own party. To gloss over his House ethics violations like they are nothing is naïve. Gingrich is the consummate politician and is part of the problem. His bombastic attacks on Washington ring a bit hollow.

Gingrich is unelectable in the general election! Period! Obama would love to run against Gingrich. Why do you think Obama is running attack ads against Romney already? Whoever gets the Republican nomination is going to need support from independents. Romney has much stronger support amongst independents than does Gingrich. Pundits act like Gingrich is a superior debater and will somehow eviscerate Obama during the Presidential debates. I would argue that Romney is every bit the intellect and equal to Gingrich in the debating forum.

Romney certainly has made mistakes in the past, hasn't everyone? Politicians by nature tend to bend with the wind. However, Romney does have an impressive history of accomplishment in both the private and public center. His business accomplishments speak for themselves. He stepped into complete chaos with the 2002 Olympic Winter Games that were losing money and permeated with despair….not unlike the mood of our country right now. With the help of great people he surrounded himself with, he was able to turn things around and pull off a very successful profitable winter games.

Romney has raised an impressive family by any measure. He has been a dedicated and faithful husband. Romney has served his faith as lay clergy for many years all the while running businesses, working on the Olympics and serving as Governor of Massachusetts. More important, he is a decent human being.

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