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Carlos Hernandez, Raul Martinez to face off in runoff for Hialeah mayor

Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez turned five months of experience at the helm of the city into a first-place election finish Tuesday when he fended off challenges from two political stalwarts — including former Mayor Raul Martinez, whom Hernandez will face in two weeks in a runoff.

Hernandez’s win surprised a political establishment that expected Martinez, who ruled Hialeah as strong mayor for 24 years, to top the four-way contest. Former state Sen. Rudy Garcia and newcomer George Castro came in third and fourth place, respectively.

“We’re here to work, and we’ll continue to work,” a triumphant Hernandez, who won 40 percent of the vote to Martinez’s 34, told supporters outside his campaign headquarters late Tuesday. “Today is a night of celebration, but this isn’t over. In 14 days comes the real victory.”

In a slew of other municipal races Tuesday, voters reelected the mayors of Miami Beach and Homestead, and kept two Miami commissioners in office.

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The king of Hialeah lost again, lol. It's not the 80's anymore & seems people want HONEST leadership, & when they have a choice they don't choose the king. I can only hope Rudys supporters go to Carlos Hernandez.


Hialeah needs to move with the times. Martinez's time came and left. The City of HIaleah has seen positive change within the last couple of years. It is vital to maintain the progress that was implemented for many reasons. It is nice to see the young community spend time at a Starbucks on 49th street or to see the new LA Fitness that is making its way. I personally as a young adult am proud to say I live in HIALEAH now!!!


It's sad when people forget to look back the road traveled or to honor those that helped in their growth. I don’t know anything about politics, but lived in Hialeah long enough to know how family and friends can get into the City Hall, and how many stupid changes have been made to the roads recently (122 NW (68) ST by Palmetto Hospital)(Have you seen it?!). I didn’t vote last Tuesday, but I will next time. Everybody is talking about how communist, or how many properties Raul Martinez has. First of all, nobody is communist because communism doesn’t exist, it’s an UTOPIA!!! How many Cubans living in US don’t have a family member that was or is in Fidel’s dictatorship side? Then, that’s also going to make them Fidelistas?
Raul Martinez is the first Cuban, in politics, that I have heard, since I came from Cuba, telling publicly what he really thinks, and that’s proven to be very dangerous in this society, overall in politics. One of the things he has said is that the Cuban blockade doesn’t work, but people who are very well established in politics, and to whom the “Cuban situation” is beneficial to keep their position in the White House tell the contrary. I’m voting for somebody that has more than enough experience (24 years?) as Hialeah Mayor, who left Hialeah in a very good condition for the next generations of Mayors, is receiving a good retirement, was smart enough to invest his earnings in properties (who will not do that?). If all of them are doing it for money, he will be the least needed. If they are looking for experience, he will be the most experienced…Let’s forget about Democrats and Republicans, let’s get together and think, at least once, about the benefit of the city.
And REMEMBER the Blockade didn’t work, and will not ever work. You’re given Fidel the Best pretext to make the world think that Cuba is the way it’s because the bad yankis and the USA, not because his government is a mess…I’m sorry my English…Love and Peace.


Its about time we make right choice and forget the 80's bye bye Mr Martinez
Get going and take your history somewhere else!!! Hope everyone has
Voted for Carlos Hernandez .

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