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Fishy regulation alert: killing hammerheads, tiger sharks could be illegal in FL

G7xe0.Em.56Backed by the tea party, Florida Republicans increased their dominance in the state last year on a message that partly promised fewer regulations. But that doesn't mean there won't be any new regulations. Consider this Miami Herald story on banning the killing of some sharks in Florida waters:

Florida wildlife managers, in a move that would be a first nationally, are poised to outlaw killing tiger sharks and three kinds of hammerheads that prowl state waters — but in increasingly fewer numbers.

The idea of protecting “man-eating’’ species might perplex some people scarred by one too many Jaws movie marathons but it’s broadly supported by marine scientists, environmental groups and even the International Game Fish Association, keeper of all sport fishing records.

Maybe more important, Bucky Dennis, shark hunter extraordinaire, is all for it.

That’s one telling measure of how much angler attitudes have changed about the dwindling populations of important, misunderstood predators that have long been butchered for their fins and jaws and displayed on docks as “monster-fishing’’ trophies.


A few favorite YouTube hammerhead videos:


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Tally Folly

I don't appreciate this irresponsible headline, which implies that endangered species protections should not be regulated, or enforced.
And in fact California passed a ban on commercial shark fin harvesting this past year.
And your shark attack video further aims to demonize these species.
You should stick to politics, instead of irresponsibly venturing into these waters.
There are plenty of regulations/bills that were proposed by Republicans this past and upcoming session which take aim at Floridians's rights. Why don't you write about those.

Shark Research Institute

Amen to Tally for her comments

Christal Summer

Highly disappointed. "The idea of protecting “man-eating’’ species might perplex some people scarred by one too many Jaws movie marathons but it’s broadly supported..." This thought left me hanging and lead me to think you truly believe sharks are a threat to the lives of individuals. I see you understand it's been hyped up by Jaws, but you didn't bring up opposing perspectives by those who aim to protect these beautiful creatures. You dug yourself in a hole with the videos... They contribute nothing to this article except display your lack of awareness of issues the ocean faces. This article is lazy. Do your research...

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