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Governor takes a Scott-cation

Republican Gov. Rick Scott is in the midst of his first vacation since spending a week at his Montana hideway this summer.

Scott is spending the week at his Naples home with family, which now includes his week-old grandson, August. Scott told us he'll be spending part of his Thanksgiving Day serving dinner at the St. Matthew's House homeless center.

Scott, who prides himself on long hours and seven-day weeks, does have some meetings scheduled, spokeswoman Amy Graham said. Call it a Scott-cation.

"A little time off for him is only working a half day," she said.


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$215,000,000.00 that was suppose to be used in Florida for high speed rail and was spurned and rejected by Rick Scott was given to California High Speed Rail Authority yesterday for a total of $1,000,000,000 from the Dept of Transportation. California thanks you Gov Scott.

Johnny Hothead

California thanks Ohio and Wisconsin, too, because the morons leading those states turned back the money as well.


So let's borrow more money from the Chinese so we can build choo choo trains that nobody will ride?

Governor Scott did the right thing.


The way the high speed rail had been established by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in Florida we wouldn't have borrowed any money from the Chinese or anyone else for that matter. And Florida taxpayers wouldn't not have funded it, like they are SunRail which the Governor approved. After over a decade of getting everything in order, Florida was shovel ready. LaHood and Mica both Republicans have stated Scott didn't know what he was talking about. Scott didn't even wait for his own Florida Dept of Transportation report that gave strong approval for the project, like he said he would to make his decision. Instead he sited a Libertarian study. Millions of Americans ride the rails or "choo choo" daily, it would be asinine to think no Floridians or tourist from all over the world would never ride the choo choo. Rick Scott made the decision on his ideologue thinking as a Tea Party extremist, Grover Norquist contract signer, Koch brother follower, and not for what was good for the State of Florida. So $2,400,000,000.00 that would have gone to help Florida citizens with JOBS, and bring Florida high speed rail and the millions of riders and tourist who would have visited and spent money in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami, instead went to New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois etc etc etc and NOT Florida. And Governor Scott did the right thing?

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