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Grand jury investigating deal involving state senator and Panhandle billboard company

A state senator from the Panhandle has been called to testify in front of a grand jury about a deal that let a billboard company chop down more than 2,000 trees without paying any state fees.

Sen. Greg Evers said in an interview that he did nothing wrong and was only trying to help a constituent. He said he would do everything the same as he had done in this case.

"I'll do it next time and the next time and the next time," said Evers, R-Baker.

"As long as my constituents send me to Tallahassee to represent them," he said, "I'm going to represent them in the best way that I know how."

Story here.


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Bunch of crooks all of them. Let them be convicted as the every day man and women would be. I am fed up with the crap that comes out of the goverment who is suppose to help instead the GOP wants to kick you down unless you have enough money to grease there dirty palms.


Good for Greg Evers. These billboard fees are ridiculous.


What an absolute bunch of crap that someone should have to pay 2 million dollars to take nuisance trees down off I-10. Trees are taken down all the time by farms and electric companies so they can run wires. They are also taken down to build roads.

I applaud the DOT and the Senator. This kind of crap is why people are pissed at government. These stupid rules that kill businesses.

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