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Karen Kraushaar sound familiar? Think Elian.

The name of the second woman to say publicly that she was harassed by GOP presidential contender Herman Cain may ring bells with Miami Herald readers. Karen Kraushaar was a spokeswoman for the then-Immigration and Naturalization Service during the Elian Gonzalez custody battle in late 1999 and early 2000.

Kraushaar was one of the two woman who spoke to Politico for the Oct. 30 story detailing complaints by female employees who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association. She and another employee "had complained about Cain’s behavior to colleagues and senior officials at the NRA, and both women left the trade group with a cash settlement," Politico reported. Kraushaar's settlement was about $45,000, Politico reported.

According to several published reports, Kraushaar, 55, heads up communications for a bureau within the IRS. Although many news outlets were aware of her identity, they did not disclose it until the iPad-only publication The Daily revealed it Tuesday. Kraushaar told both Politico and the Washington Post that she would be willing to join together for a press conference with the other three women accusing Cain of harassment. Only one of the other women has so far come forward publicly.

"I am interested in a joint press conference for all the women where we would all be together with our attorneys and all of these allegations could be reviewed as a collective body of evidence,” Kraushaar told The Washington Post Tuesday.

Cain on Tuesday during his own press conference continued to deny the accusations, and said he had no memory of one of the women, Sharon Bialek, who said Monday that Cain made unwanted sexual advances toward her when he was in charge of the restaurant association in the late 1990s.

"Throughout my career I have had nothing but the utmost respect for any and all women, as well as those that have worked under my leadership and all of the different companies that I have worked," Cain said. "I can categorically say I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period."

The story has started to seriously threaten Cain's public support, say neutral GOP observers.
"He was already slipping before these stories came out. This will accelerate his decline," Republican pollster Whit Ayres told McClatchy.

As for Kraushaar, she was an "ideal employee," her former boss Maria Cardona said. Cardona, a CNN contributor, called Kraushaar's credibility "beyond reproach. She was the utmost professional, one of the hardest working individuals I have ever known … the consummate team player."

Here's a sample of her work in the Miami Herald in 2000 during the Elian Gonzalez custody fight. She's talking about INS Special Agent Betty A. Mills, who cradled the boy in her arms as they left his relatives' Little Havana home during the raid that led to his return to Cuba:

"Elian is very interactive with his adult caregiver. He was calm on the flight and he bonded with her immediately," Kraushaar said. "We determined very early on that she would be the appropriate person for this operation. She had all the pieces we were looking for. As a law enforcement officer she was wedded to a very scary situation and she performed admirably."



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An absolutely amazing story!


Has anyone noticed that all of Cain's accusers have been employed by the mainstream media at one time or another. Of course, only 85-90% of them lean Democratic. Just a coincidence I am certain.


I don't have any doubt, the demoRats are real dread of Herman Cain be the republican on 2012 against Obama.
All this circus only will make Herman Cain more popular. He only have to still. The DemoRats didn't forget, Cain was who killed Bill Clinton' health care.

K Will

Really? Are you claiming this was created by Democrats? Trust me when I say this. Democrats would love if Herman Cain is the candidate for the Republican Party. Don't believe me? Ask one!


Hmm ... we have a financially troubled woman from Chicago and now an employee of the IRS. The first one has much to gain from pleasing the corrupt Obama campaign machine. The second probably has something to lose at the IRS if Cain's flat rate income tax came about, since we probably won't need many folks at IRS then. Cain has been running for the Presidential nomination for many months. So why have these allegations only surfaced now? Could it be the Democrats and liberals and government lovers' fear of a black Republican candidate who was successful in the corporate business world?

Jack Wright

What are the odds? One of the woman that accuses Herman Cain of sexual harassment works for the Obama administration in the Treasury Department’s inspector general office and the only other one to come forward lives next door to David Axelrod, for those of you who do not know who David Axelrod is, he is Barack Obama's senior adviser at the White House.......what are the odds?? Wake up people and put two and two together......It's a political smear campaign, it's pure fraud!!!


Jack: Her ties to Axelrod were even tighter than that. She was sued by a company Axelrod's firm is representing, and there is a lien against her property that just appears to have been lifted on 9/22:


Other than this new woman working for Obama's Treasury Department, fearing reprisal of picking the wrong side, and potentially fearing a shrinking IRS under Cain (as others here had mentioned), #5 appears to have no obvious motive. Of course, NONE OF THEM have a shred of evidence, none of them came forward for many years, and yet they have photographic memories of everything that happened. Definitely odd.


Yes, what are the odds that Cain would pay off two different women a years salary each, and as CEO of the organization, not even know about it.

What are the odds. GROW UP.

Karen Bowman

Jack and Chris, you are absolutely right. This is so suspicious. Kraushaar clearly had the prescience to know that in 12 years, Cain would run for president, propose a flat tax, and needed to be stopped. So she made up a story, put herself through the humiliation of a sexual harrassment investigation, lost her job, and plotted to land a position in the IRS, all so that she could take down Cain when her name was exposed in the press against her will. Or... even more probable, the Democrats have invested precious tax money to invent a time machine so that they can go back to the 1990s and make stuff up. Time to get out your tin foil hats, boys.


"Jack: Her ties to Axelrod were even tighter than that. She was sued by a company Axelrod's firm is representing, and there is a lien against her property that just appears to have been lifted on 9/22"

WRONG!!! The law firm is David J.Axelrod, nothing to do with Obama's advisor, David M. Axelrod. Get your facts straight, Chris!


oh, and btw, David M. Axelrod is not a lawyer. He holds a degree in Political Science, and worked as a political columnist and consultant prior to joining up with Obama.



To all:
The David Axelrod in question is not "The " David Axelrod.
Saying that Kraushaar works for Obama ,just because she is a federal employee is dumb.
According to your logic....Boehner , Cantor and McConnel are also working for Obama.


Most appear to have found conviction that this is a tactic of the democrats because of the evident connectivity of certain parties however another plausible and equally likely process occurring is that the republicans are actually orchestrating the demise of Mr. Cain and the reason should be obvious. The outcome of Mr. Cain gaining the GOP backing toward the national election would place another african american individual into the presidency no matter which direction the election swings and there is further reason to believe the the mostly white powerful and affluent find that outcome too much to bear.

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