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Herman Cain's not-so-fun Florida tour, the Sarasota edition

When Herman Cain came to South Florida two weeks ago, he didn't rack up the best of headlines. He couldn't and wouldn't answer questions about Cuba policy until his staff briefed him. He then asked how you "say 'delicious' in Cuban." An undercover cop working his detail in Coral Springs then got in a physical tussle with a reporter, after which Cain's campaign apologized and then requested Secret Service protection.

It doesn't sound like things got much better this weekend in Sarasota. Cain acknowledged to reporters that he had been slipping in the polls

“Well, I’ve faded from first to third, and that’s not exactly fading all the way down to the bottom,” Cain told reporters, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

And, according to The Shark Tank blog, state Sen. Nancy Detert (a Mitt Romney supporter) kind of dissed the candidate when she introduced him at the Sarasota GOP Statesman Dinner:

During her introduction, Detert told the crowd that if they had been following the news lately, then they would “know more about Herman Cain than Herman Cain would want them to know about Herman Cain”- a clear reference to the sexual harassment allegations that have plagued Cain over the past month.