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Marco Rubio on jobs, immigration and foreign policy


U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., sat down for a wide-ranging interview Tuesday morning with Politico's Mike Allen. What'd we learn? 

*Rubio won't endorse anyone in the Florida Republican U.S. Senate race: "I'm not going to get involved in the primary."

*When asked about what  Republicans could do to attract Hispanic voters, he reminded Allen that Hispanic voters aren't monolith, but that focusing on jobs and the economy is a start. He also continued to say his fellow Republicans need to step back their rhetoric on immigration. "The rhetoric on immigration has hurt," Rubio said.

*Asked whether he thinks he could be president, Rubio had this response: "I'm not running for president. I'm a U.S. senator...and I'm enjoying that." And on Republican chances in Florida in the 2012 presidential race?  "50-50...It's a place where all the national issues are front and center."
*Finally, when asked about new economic policies in Cuba that allow people to buy and sell cars and property, he described them as "like throwing crumbs off the table. We'll allow you to eat crumbs but not the loaf of bread." 


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George Fuller

Rubio IS NOT a Natural Born Citizen so He can't be President.........

Obama IS NOT a Natural Born Citizen and should be impeached,

Gregorio Fernandes

and now we have Representative Mario Diaz-Balart embarrasing Cuban-Americans as well:
"Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) spoke to the Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo, who asked the congressman about President Obama’s foreign policy record. Diaz-Balart dismissed the president’s accomplishments, crediting George W. Bush for Obama’s successes. Caputo, who’s a reporter but also a human being, literally chuckled at the congressman’s nonsense."

Where do these people come from?

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