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Mitt Romney to Dems: "bring it on," flip-flop attacks "quite a compliment."

Republican Mitt Romney responded to the Democratic National Committee's decision to bash him for his flip flops by saying that he essentially likes it.

"Bring it on," Romney told reporters as he slipped away from them in a scrum this morning Conchita Foods, a Hialeah-area warehouse.

"I think it’s quite a compliment that they tried to throw the primary to anybody but me. But you know what I’m in a great position to take on the president. He does not want to face me. He does not want to face someone who can talk about the economy, who can talk about the failure of his record and who can create jobs for America like I can."

Romney chose Conchita Foods as the site to trumpet the endorsements of Representatives Ileana Ros Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart and his brother, former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Romney said the family-owned company exemplified the American dream. Founded in Cuba by the Ferro family, it was moved to the United States after the 1959 Cuban revolution.

“Fidel Castro monstrously took over the country and took over the company,” Romney said.

Romney noted that his grandfather was from Mexico and moved to the United States when his father, George W. Romney, was a boy. A lath-and-plaster carpenter, George Romney went on to head American Motors Corp. in Michigan, where he later became governor and unsuccessfully ran for president.

One word Romney never mentioned: Immigration.

The three congressional leaders all hold liberal-to-moderate positions on immigration and have favored the pro-immigrant Dream Act, which Mitt Romney has bashed as amnesty. Democrats have attacked Romney in two web ads for changing his positions on immigration, as well as gay rights, abortion and a host of other issues.

All the Hispanic politicians said they disagreed with Romney on immigration, but they backed him because he’ll turn the economy around.

“There is no perfect candidate,” Ros Lehtinen said. “We have some disagreements about some things. But what’s important is jobs.”


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Taylor Rowell

Republicans and independents are overlooking the gamechanger in this election, and it's not Ron Paul. It's Buddy Roemer. Go look at his record, and values. The big thing - he wants to rid Washington of the obvious cancer - big money in politics. We all know that lobbyists control the agenda and outcomes in Washington. They shell out money to politicians who rely on them for political survival, and in doing so, they gain access that average citizens don't have. This makes democracy a sham. More people should be listening to Buddy, but it's hard to steal a needle from an addict's arm.


dan's right and the judgment sulohd be harsh if romney's boast is untrue in the face of objective facts. i would want to know more are pike tolls, municipal excise taxes and fees enacted by the legislature part of this analysis? if romney proves out as a liar or mischaracterizer, so be it. of course i dont think dog abuse is a very good campaign issue for mitt to run on either.

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