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Mitt Romney's Florida endorsement coup

Mitt Romney will pick up the ultimate Cuban-American endorsement trifecta Tuesday in South Florida: The support of U.S. Reps. Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, and his brother, former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

The endorsements of the Miami Cuban-American leaders is a leading indicator that Romney is making a big push in Florida for one of its most crucial voting blocs in the state's Republican primary, scheduled for Jan. 31.

“It’s a major boost for any candidate when the three of them get together and move in one direction,” said Carlos Curbelo, a Miami-Dade School Board member who has worked for the Diaz-Balart brothers.

“They represent this community,” he said. “In Miami-Dade, their support is crucial.”

Romney learned that the hard way in 2008 when the three representatives joined another Cuban-American leader, then-Sen. Mel Martinez, and endorsed John McCain.

McCain effectively ended Romney’s candidacy by winning Florida’s GOP primary with a margin of 97,000 votes. McCain’s Miami-Dade margin: 52,000.

Miami-Dade is Florida’s largest and most-Hispanic county. Hispanic voters, nearly all of whom are of Cuban descent, account for 72 percent of the roughly 368,000 registered Republicans in the county.

Exit polls showed McCain took 51 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 primary, while Romney only garnered 15 percent support in Florida, the nation's largest swing state.

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Don't tell us who to vote for

Yeah, some coup.

Too bad Newt will win.

Charlie Crist got a lot of endorsements from entrenched politicians. So did Bill McCollum. They scored 'coups' like this all the time.

Where are they today?

Romney got three more votes today. Yippee. He's lost the base.


Newt would be a disaster as our candidate. Three marriages. Two of which ended because of adultery. Removed from the speakership and had to pay $300,000 due to ethics violations. Shut down congress because he was "snubbed" on an Air Force One flight. Receiving $37 million for lobbying for pharmaceutical companies and FannieMae/FreddieMac. True flip flops on every major issue. Appearing in an ad for Cap and Trade with Nancy Pelosi. I could go on. The guy is a rat that talks incredibly smug so as to give the impression that he is an intelligent debater.

When our leaders are immoral we'll see a trickle down of weakening morals throughout our society. Morals and values matter. Honesty is the foundation of trust and trust is foundation for a healthy economy.

Romney's base will NOT leave him.

The HYPOCROCY in Newt and self proclaimed "conservatives" that are supporting him stinks to high heaven!! These individuals should be ashamed for their current display of blatant dishonesty. Being honest and having integrity will NEVER lose. Let’s not be delusional here. Who’s the most conservative of the two?? It’s certainly not the Speaker. Romney is truly the more capable and dedicated candidate in getting our ECONOMY back on track. I’m seriously tired of scraping by each month without any sign of improvement in the near future. I want someone ready on "day one" to implement a plan that will get us going in the right direction; not someone who will "discuss" methods that will never be implemented. The key is President Obama must GO!!
Mitt Romney needs your vote. Because every vote "does" count - He has three new ones today that matter, plus mine and hopefully yours.

John H

Once again, the media and the politicians think they can tell us who we should vote for. The frontrunners were forced on the uninformed by the media, then the politicians started jumping on the bandwagons. Romney and Gingrich are both disasters waiting to happen, and neither can be trusted. They both pale in comparison to someone like Jon Huntsman by almost any measure. He gets my vote, and I don't care that the media and the current political braintrust doesn't like it.


I'm not sure where you get Romney was forced on us by the media. By all accounts, FoxNews has been fairly antagonistic against Romney. I could list out every slight, but I'd have 5 or 6 for every day since Perry jumped in the race.


I should add that Limbaugh and the other conservative talking heads have also been very anti-Mitt. No, the media has not thrust Romney on the masses.

And Huntsman? Seriously? He ran liberally in a conservative state - actually implementing instate tuition for illegals and Cap & Trade in Utah. Mitt ran conservatively in a liberal state - implementing health care reform with raising taxes and using a plan that the Heritage Foundation, among others, endorsed.

Does Huntsman have business experience that pales in comparison to Romney's? I think not. Romney has actually turned around 100s of companies to make them successes. He has actually turned around the SLC Olympics to make it one of the most financially successful of all Olympic games. He actually turned the state of MA from a potential credit downgrade into a solvent economy and state - he left it with $2 billion in surplus. He actually dropped unemployment in the state from 6.0% to 4.7%.

I realize Huntsman also has some positives for him, but Romney really knows how to turn things around for the better.


I've lived in the state of MASS and also was an Olympic SLC volunteer, so because of this, I've followed Mitt Romney for quite some time. I haven't been as enthusiastic about a presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan. I've seen Romney's leadership first hand and his uncanny ability to turn around absolutely impossible situations. America is going down the tubes fast and Romney is the best hope we have to turn it around. The fact that he is moral and totally ethical with no baggage is also a breath of fresh air. I may never see again a sterling candidate like Romney again in my lifetime. Mitt all the way!


thank goodness there are some real people out here with some good sense mitt romney is truly the best to be the president iam a fox watcher but very upset with the way hannity and rush always talking about being conservative, they keep putting this canidate down we will end up losing 2012, newt has big ego and trys to talk everyone as hes the only smart person sorry newt your an old has been, with a lot more baggage and his ethics suck please people wise up mitt is very brilliant, and hes got great principles, he has to be 2012 president, none wants old man from decades back, romney all the way.

Thomas Springfield

There will soon come a glorious day in Florida when the Cuban/Americans down in South Florida realize that they are still out of step with millions of loyal Hispanic/American citizens who long ago saw the handwriting on the wall: The Republican Party does not like Hispanics and certainly does not want more Hispanics to immigrate to America. Intelligent Hispanics know that Cubans were given favored status as immigrants way back in the 1950s and 60s; and intelligent Hispanics also know that Democrats, not Republicans, were responsible for Cubans having favored status. Intelligent Hispanics in America will not ever forget that Cubans like to bite the hands that fed them and also are selfishly opposed to allowing more Hispanic immigration too. Ask Cubans why they hate their Mexican brothers and sisters and love Mexican tormenters (Republicans).

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