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More Jim Greer depositions

Like sands through the hour glass....these are the days leading up to former GOP chairman Jim Greer's trial for allegedly ripping off the state party. Some top Republican power brokers are scheduled for depositions this month:

Nov. 17: Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos; GOP consultant Pat Bainter (a go-between working with Greer and legislative leaders on a severance agreement); GOP fundraiser Meredith O'Rourke; GOP lobbyist/bundler Brian Ballard.

Nov. 18: GOP Consultant Marc Reichelderfer (another go-between).


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Oh boy get the popcorn , this is going to be GREAT, I can't believe these RPOF fools have let this go on. When Cheney Mason and Damon Chase get Ballard, Haridopolos and the other's in the chair it's going to be the end for Florida's RPOF and their political Careers and clients!

Sorry Sir may I have another..

George Patton

Mr Greer would like your payment in a Check or Cash?

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