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Obama beating GOP handily among Hispanics in 21 state-poll

From Univision (which provides scant info on an interesting poll):

Despite loud complaints from Latinos about high unemployment and unfulfilled campaign promises on immigration, President Obama is well situated to repeat his strong performance with Latino voters in 2012.

Obama holds leads over the top three Republican presidential candidates in a new poll conducted by Latino Decisions for Univision News, with the president enjoying far wider advantages among Latino voters, an area of strength that could ultimately prove crucial come next year’s election.

According to the poll released Tuesday — one year before Election Day 2012 — registered Latino voters in the 21 states with the largest Latino populations prefer Obama over the top three GOP presidential candidates, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry by two-to-one margins. The president is up 65 percent to 22 percent on Cain, 67 percent to 24 percent on Romney, and a whopping 68 percent to 21 percent on Perry.

More (barely) here


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Orlando D. Santana

Of course, he's offering all illegals amnesty and citicenship for their votes. However, the unenployment percentages will become even higher as soon as the troops start coming back home and as he allows more illegals to come-in to our borders. Eventually, even the legalised Hispanic vote will go against him...
He's following Hugo Chavez re-election blue print! God help America!!!!


Hispanic's are considered "Safe votes by the Democrats, they need to be more concerned about a quarter of those safe votes defecting than the republicans do about not getting votes they never counted on to begin with.


God bless America and Obama too.


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