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Poll: Debbie Wasserman Schultz more liked in Allen West's district than West

Broward Beat, the newsite of former Sun-Sentinel political writer Buddy Nevins, polled the liberal county's two big Congressional seats, 20 and 22, held by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Allen West, the tea-party African American Republican war vet.

To say the two don't like each other would be an understatement. Especially after West called Wasserman Schultz vile, and she called him sexist.

The poll shows that Wasserman Schultz has the upper hand in Democrat-blue Broward.  She is viewed more favorably in West's district than West. She was viewed favorably by 47 percent, he by 42 percent. Not huge. Not necessarily a shock.  But interesting.

Republicans will have to take note: No matter how they redraw the districts during this January's reapportionment hearings, the DNC chair will be tough to beat, according to the poll.

From the blog:

Broward voters either like or hate U. S. Rep. Allen West.

A poll in the Broward portion of West’s District 22 found likely voters evenly split in their views of the controversial Tea Party favorite.

“Half the people who rated him liked him while the other half didn’t. He’s an extremely polarizing figure,” said Jim Kane, Browardbeat.com’s pollster who did the survey from November 7 through November 10

West, R-Plantation, had an unfavorable ratings of 44.1 percent, the survey found.

“Most of these voters will probably never vote for him,” Kane said.  ”Any time an incumbent has negatives above thirty percent before a campaign has even begun, suggests he or she is vulnerable.”

At the same time, 42.8 percent of the voters surveyed had favorable views of West.

Only 13.1 percent had no views of West, who is a national media favorite as a veteran and a black conservative Republican.

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Someone please tell Caputo that this is only a poll of Broward voters and doesnt even include more Republican areas of the 22nd district. This isnt a poll of the district. its a poll of part of the district that is more Democratic, excluding more Republican areas. To call this a news story is a stretch.


This "story" is a selective abstraction engineered by the Socialist minded Miami Herald. Journalism can't more bogus that this ridiculous "report".


I am glad to see that all the other comments so far are reflective of what I am thinking about the rathter questionable poll results - It was conducted by a completely biased source. Most everyone I know in Broward, myself included, think Debbie Wasserman Schulz is a complete imbecile and could only wish we had more state reps like Alan West to go around.

Tally Folly

@BKDiver you cant even spell the misogynist war monger's name right.
Who's the imbecile?
Anyone who votes for West.

Joe Goldner

There is now way that Debbie Wasserman Schultz could win re-election. Because of the policies of Obama which she has supported 100% of the time such as Obamas position on Israel , the Middle East. Plus of course Obamacare and throwing the seniors under the bus. Plus unemployment and the economy which is failing and in recession. We have one candidate that has pledged to clean up the corruption in DC while working for all the people. The one person who has been in the fore front in his support of Israel. Has pledged to restore the cuts in Medicare and save both social security and Medicare. The one candidate that knows and understands the financial industry and also knows the wants, needs and concerns of the business community and how to sole them. That person is Joe Goldner!!! http://www.joegoldnerforcongress2012.com

Robert Jenkins

I will venture a small wager, should any like to take it. West is one and done. I will wager a $20-00 gift card to the charity of your choice if I'm wrong.


Congressman West is a true American hero both as an Army Vet and as a Congressman. He is a true friend of Israel. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a self hating anti Semitic, anti Israel worthless politician. She is trained to do and say anything the party leadership says she should. We need leaders in Washington, not followers. We need more Allen West's, and people like Joe Kaufman in Washington. I am an Orthodox Jew and Debbies name is not a welcome one in the Orthodox Jewish community. Allen and Joe are welcome any time.

Joe Goldner

We need a fighter in District 20! We need someone who is going to represent the district 100% of the time. We need someone who wont throw the Jewish Community, the Senior Community or any Community under the bus for political gain like Debbie Wasserman Schultz has done! We need Joe Goldner For Congress!!!! http://www.joegoldnerforcongress2012.com. With the new district lines there will be less Debbie support in 20. Support Joe Goldner, Volunteer! Donate! Bring back full representation!

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