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Rasmussen FL poll: Cain 30%, Romney 24%, Gingrich 19%

From a press release:

As he continues to battle media coverage over past sexual harassment allegations, businessman Herman Cain leads other Republican hopefuls in the first Rasmussen Reports look at the GOP primary race in Florida.

The latest statewide telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters shows Cain with 30% support while former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney picks up 24% of the vote. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich draws support from 19% of Florida GOP voters with no other candidate picking up double-digits.

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This Florida survey of 788 Likely Republican Primary Voters was conducted on November 8, 2011 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

** Please note: With loads of polls, we sometimes miss a few and don't post all that are out there. Some of Rasmussen's polls have come under fire, and have sometimes appeared to skew too Republican. Since this is a GOP primary, though, his poll might have more validity than others.



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How does it not "seem" like the GOP likes any of their choices? How could you possibly know or think that. Who is the GOP anyway, we are all American citizens who like the ideals of the Republican Party, we aren't one entity and to speculate what millions of people are thinking sure does not seem very intelligent. The economy isn't going to be the reason that Pres. Obama will lose. He will lose because everyone found out he is a socialist. Just look at what he does and things he says and then look up the definition of socialism. He is ruining our country.


If anything, Cain just proves the extremes that the liberal DNC will go thru to destroy a conservative african american who believes in teaching a person to fish rather than handing out fish sticks.


Good point! Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll feed himself for a lifetime. Obama only has one way he can win re-election, this is the combination in applying politics of personal destruction, projection of his mis-deeds onto his political opponent and voter fraud/intimidation (New Black Panther party, vote early and often, deceased people voting, this list goes on....). All of these tactics are extremely effective and the media will play their part well. The only way to beat the democrat machine is to rise above it. It's just the way it is and they will not change, only become more vicious as necessary. It will be tough road to defeat Obama, but it must be done!


I still like what Ron Paul says the most, and I think he's the person Americans will chose to get us out of this crisis. It may be too late though. The media doesn't like him much.


He's becoming more popular now too. After the Michigan debate last night, the online poll had Dr. Paul at 80% of the vote. That's incredible for a candidate that is not considered front runner by the media. Goes to show there is a media bias for sure.


Sorry Paulistas, your 80% "poll"number is bogus. You are all the first to jump on any site to skew results. Not fooled! Agree with some of his points, but he would never win !

Sam Saraguy

America to Obama: So long and thanks for all the fish!

Jose Mora

Yeah, Noni, I guess having too many supporters just tends to skew the numbers. I guess you'll be saying the election was bogus once Ron Paul gets in the White House too!

Louis Pfaff

Cain is an excellent man and could be the next Reagan. He honestly makes me excited about conservatism. All us true conservatives know what I am speaking of, its like we have been living in the shadows for 10+ years. The hope of having a real conservative in the White House is not only exciting for me, but refreshing.
Frankly, anyone who thinks that there is any credibility to the "claims" after watching Cain answer all questions asked on the subject matter with confidence, candor, and without hesitation are simply dishonest in their motives.
He LEADS the Republican field by most polls now. THIS IS NOT A FLAVOR OF THE WEEK, it is conservatism waking up and taking control of our candidate finally finally finally. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the supporters of Ron Paul and Bachman will almost 100% go for Cain when they drop out. WHY IS THIS BEING IGNORED?


Love watching the libs and Republican establishment watching the polls for that Cain decline that just has to be coming. Keep on watching retards. We are not buying your liberal lies or jumping on your moderate Romney train. Time for a real conservative like Cain who can lead an American recovery.




Newt is the man from day 1..

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