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Rick Scott on Obama's 'lazy comment.'

Rick Scott press release over President Obama's 'lazy' comment about foreign investment:

 "President Obama's latest observation that job creation efforts have been hindered because America has been ‘lazy’ in attracting investment is clearly incorrect.  To characterize the efforts of American businesses and Governors throughout the nation who are working hard to build jobs in this way is not only wrong but stands in the way of their efforts to sell the value of our great nation every day.  I recently returned from Brazil, where I and dozens of Florida business leaders worked hard to attract jobs to America.  Every day my focus is on attracting new businesses and jobs to Florida. 
“Obstacles to job creation in America are a result of policy, not of motivation. Our business taxes are among the highest in the world.  Our regulations are among the most difficult in the world.  If you need evidence, look no further than the companies who have moved their oil rigs from the Gulf coast to foreign countries in the last year because of the regulatory environment.  Just last week, yet another major medical device manufacturer announced they were cutting more than 1,000 jobs because of new Obamacare taxes.  The President's comments indicate a belief that more taxes, more regulation and more government is the solution, yet those are the very things standing in the way of those of us who are trying - very energetically - to recruit businesses and jobs to our states. 
“Please, Mr. President, help us bring jobs to America and let us have an honest conversation about the barriers in our way."


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Deirdre Michalski

Bravo Mr. Scott,
I blew my top yesterday when I had heard of the US President speaking about how "lazy" we are. Excuse me, but most of the people I know are doing the job of 3 people, with no assistance beneath them as we used to have. As you so accurately point out, business is trying to bring business here. Not operating out of lack of motivation. And if we don't do something serious about China, we will be in a huge bit of hurt when we cannot reel our manufacturing back. (Not to mention the China/ Iran link.) Our Prez, I am convinced, knows very little about business, let alone how it really works. More government is not the solution. Thank you for your insights, and we can only hope the Supreme Court puts the Ka-bosh on BO-Care. Regards, D.Michalski

Mk Urbo

This comment really torches me !!! As a small businessman, I’ve had to do double duty to make a success of my company. First, stay alive despite his absolute failed policies with the economy. Second, try to stay positive while he continues to drop bombs (Obamacare, spending, taxes, regulations, etc.) on us in a really negative environment. Even my employees who voted for him are feed-up.

How dare he say we are lazy, I’m mad now – really mad.

David Kearns

I think every time Rick Scott points to a spread sheet and claims a new job has been created, somewhere a new demon gets his first pitch-fork.

Read the truth about Rick Scott in a new book Rick Scott:Enemy of the State.


Don S

Agree with Mr. Kearns. Not that I give a crap about Obama, but I also dont think much of Rick Scott. He's all about he and his buddies getting richer. He loves mon oey, he's out of touch with aqverage people bigtime. Probably disdains them. We need someone between Obama and Scott. But closer to Scott in terms of growing jobs.

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