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Scott calls for reforms to curb car insurance fraud

Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater called for major reforms Tuesday to reduce car insurance fraud in Florida. The two statewide officials appeared with nearly a dozen uniformed police officers at a Capitol press conference.

With car insurance premiums skyrocketing and fraud multiplying even as the number of accidents has declined, Scott said reform of the personal injury protection (PIP) program is needed in four areas: fraud prevention, limiting lawsuits, provider reform and accountability. The governor held PIP roundtables in five cities, including Tampa, the statewide leader in fraud from staged car crashes, exaggerated personal injuries and excessive visits to doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists. 

"The charges per claim are above the national average. Procedures per claim are above the national average," Scott said. "There's clearly abuse by some providers."

Fixing PIP is easier said than done, because it will require lawmakers to get tough with powerful interest groups including doctors, hospitals, lawyers, chiropractors and medical providers. "Everybody's got their piece of the pie and they don't want to give it up," said Rep. Bryan Nelson, R-Apopka, who chairs the House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee. "It's not going to be an easy bill."

The subcommittee will workshop its draft reform bill Wednesday. Nelson says the House wants to change the law so that only doctors, dentists or chiropractors can prescribe medical care from car crashes and to limit treatments. He said the failure of a PIP working group to reach any consensus on a solution was a sign of the challenge that lies ahead. 

-- Steve Bousquet


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would be nice if they'd also look to the insurers to perform their due diligence - State Farm openly told me that they won't bother with anything under $10k because it's too expensive......so they just pay it out to the clinics/doctors/attorneys/claimant because they consider it cheaper for them.......

Peggy@ auto body

Car insurance fraud is one of the most widely perpetrated crimes in the insurance world. There are different ways in which fraudulent activities are done to trap the innocent and milk thousands of dollars out of him. Though insurance companies have their own sets of ways to find out if an accident was genuine or made-up, there are also ways in which you can avoid being a victim of car insurance fraud.


One thing for sure, Scott won't listen to any humans...God best get busy talking some sense into him...

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Today, with modern technology, many fraudulent car accident claims do arise from sophisticated organized crime rings that can be hard to detect. Don't let this make you a victim of an insurance scam.

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