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Scott serves up Thanksgiving dinner, explains cuts to homeless veterans program


From the Naples Daily News:

As eight tables of eight filled up in the bustling dining room, where pumpkin, pecan, apple and lemon meringue pies lined several side tables, the Scotts rushed back and forth, grabbing plates heaped with fixings for their two tables from an assembly line of volunteers at the kitchen counter.

“I care completely about all these programs,” said Scott, whose budget cuts earlier this year slashed funding to some veteran and farm surplus programs that helped the homeless.

“All the programs are very important, but nobody wants their taxes to go up,” Scott explained, noting that businesses also can help spur the economy. “They’ve got to grow. We’ve got to make this a place people can do well.”


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I'll give thanks when Rick "Skelator" Scott is removed from office and consigned to the dump of former public officials.

John O'Connell

what a piece of work this guy really is!


All I ever hear from this man is 'I care' or 'let's get people back to work.'


It's also the height of arrogance and hypocrisy for a Scott (the man with the million$) to serve food to those people he is not doing anything to help put back to work so they can serve themselves. He cuts assistance programs and then thinks a good photo op is to serve food to the "I'm Rick Scott and you're not" crowd? What a jerk!


I am surprised he didn't make the ones in line fill a drug testing cup because yaknow for Ricky that's the right thing to do.Help people once a year for photo ops...and the tax thing is for the rich not the poor and middle class.Rick Scott is thief and a liar ..the wealthy legislature and Ricky are a den of thieves and all of them are getting tax cuts for the wealthy already..

Account Deleted

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Pedro J. Del Campo

This is what you all get for voting republican. Enjoy your stupid governor and his give it all to the rich policies.

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