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Tea party picks up ethics issue as Gov. Scott retreats

teapartynetworkapprovedissue.jpgOn Rick Scott's first day as governor, he declared ethics and integrity "essential to maintaining the public trust" and ordered his office find ways to implement suggestions from a grand jury assembled to investigate public corruption.

More than 10 months later, there appears to be no plan.

That frustrates some tea party activists who propelled Scott to victory. They believed Scott was talking about ethics reform in all those campaign ads where he blasted "Tallahassee insiders."

Story here.


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Can't take it anymore

Haven't the Teabaggers yet realized just how completely they have been played for fools by Scott and almost all Republicans running for political office at every level? They were the hardworking shock troops of the 2010 campaign cycle, just as the anti-abortion, anti-busing and anti-tax activists have been in the past. They were just useful tools whose interests would be subverted after the elections by the corporate interests that actually control the party apparatus. Thanks, suckers!

Deamonrats are ugly creatures

Of course CTIAM, any democrat running is squeaky clean and only has the best interest of the people at heart--not. If you want to talk about suckers try looking at the people who only want to live off the wealth of others and try to get government to facilitate that warped mindset. Welfare is no better than share cropping except that you don't have to work. Oh you didn't mean welfare? And you expected government to just take the money and give it to you? Fat chance they are too busy stuffing their pockets to worry about taking care of your needs. That is how socialism works. You the sucker, they the eleite government that you are a slave to. The only people not worried about cutting taxes are those that don't pay any. The difference between us and you is that you want to make slaves of us all (like you want to be) and we want everyone to be free and prosperous. When you get tired of pushing the government line for more government try thinking about freedom from having to depend on the master for your needs.

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