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Teamsters defeat PBA to become new prison union

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters won an election Thursday and will replace the Florida Police Benevolent Association as the official bargaining agent for about 20,000 correctional officers and probation officers statewide.

The newly-created Teamsters Local 2011 in Florida will be based in Tampa.

"Of course we are disappointed in the result but nevertheless plan to continue to fight for the rights of corrections professionals," said PBA Corrections President James Baiardi. "We will continue to serve our corrections and probation members through legal defense and grievances. It has been an honor to represent these officers and we wish them well."

The PBA became a potent political force in the three decades it represented correctional officers, but recent events have undercut the union's image. Rank-and-file state workers have not had an across-the-board pay increase in five years, and the Legislature last spring sought to privatize about one-fourth of the entire prison system, which put thousands of corrections officers jobs at risk. (The outsourcing was struck down by a state judge and is unresolved).

-- Steve Bousquet


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Great, just what we needed

Robert Jenkins

That I believe is already underway; sort of. See an investigation into why an investigation isn't concluded; is being investigated by Federal authorities. Those who should have started this investigation, would have been investigating themselves. So at least there is a little integrity left in Tally.


The law of unintended consequences.
So, hows that union busting thing working out Rick?


Lol. So now there will be two groups representing the interests of law enforcement officers. One that's official and will lobby, and the other that will help out through other avenues.


The old war tactic of "Divide and Conquer" has never been more appropriate. No state worker has had a raise in six years and all state workers have been subjected to doing more with less, newly instituted contributions to our pensions, the possibility of consolidation and corrections being faced with privitazation. Remember this, it was the PBA who filed the lawsuit which has presently halted privitazation (although the battle is far from over), it was the PBA legal team which represented more correctional officers in legal proceedings pertaining to "on the job" issues than all other state employees combined, and it is the PBA that has walked, talked, and negotiated with Florida's legislators to "keep" us where we are. By the way, it was the PBA that instituted the lawsuit pertaining to the 3% pension contributions which is still in litigation and thus far, appears to be moving forward in our favor., Has anyone asked about the $200,000 plus bonus awarded to a "Teamster Boss" as a result of the teamster victory? That amount of money could do a great deal of good for the "line worker" the union is supposed to represent. Be careful what you ask for....your dues will now be spent in ways you never dreamed possible. No union is perfect however in the arena of law enforcement, nobody possesses the expertise and knowledge base like the PBA. Good luck and may the good Lord be with you and yours.


Hi.This article is certainly a MUST READ. Looking forward for more.



It was the Teacher's Union that initiated the 3% FRS lawsuit, not PBA. Other unions jumped on board afterward.

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