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What's the truth about gamblers and income?

In the ongoing war about gambling in Florida, some critics have turned to the Bible to state their case.

The Florida Family Policy Council, an Orlando-based conservative Christian organization, has sided with gambling opponents. In a post on its blog, the council poses the question Is Gambling Morally Wrong?

The blog post from Oct. 20, 2011, uses partial quotes from Wayne Grudem, a theology professor at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona and author of the book Politics According to the Bible:

"My own judgment is that large commercial gambling outlets such as casinos and state-sponsored lotteries bring much more harm to a society than the benefits they generate (such as tax revenue)… First, it is socially harmful (and fiscally regressive) because the largest numbers of gamblers comes from the poorest segments of the population. Second, (it) leads to an addiction to gambling … and this addiction destroys marriages, families … and increases societal breakdown. Third, studies have shown that where gambling businesses are established, crime rates increase."

PolitiFact weighs in about whether the largest numbers of gamblers come from the poorest segments of the population.


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Cynical Idealist

Sheesh....the link to politifact takes us to a website with a username and password. Amy, are you going to provide that for us?


The truth is that so-called family values and Christian lobbyists and politicians should not lie and mislead people to achieve their "righteous" ends.

That puts them no better than the slimiest, vilest lobbyists and propagandists dwelling in the gutters of deceipt and spewing their foul vomit into the political discussion.

I'll accept their opinions when they call for abolishing the major professional and amateur sports, starting with the Super Bowl, which are among the most heavily bet events in this nation.

Robert Jenkins

Try asking a Christian Republican this. Did God create man in his image? Then ask according to the U.S. Constitution; did not God grant man certain inalienable rights? Then explain the SCOTUS; has (with their ruling citizens united)found that they are greater and/or equal than God as they gave "life" to corporations; much as God did to man.Or they feel God does not exisist and really never has.


This is a great blog.In the present time this come to face this provable of gamblers and income.

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