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Whodunit over Islamic activist's donation to Bill Nelson says much about fight for Jewish vote

In a sign of the fight for the Jewish vote, Sen. Bill Nelson’s campaign is embroiled in a whodunit over a political contribution made by an Islamic activist who has branded Israel a “terrorist state.”

Nelson’s campaign says it rejected a $500 donation made at an Oct. 22 fundraiser by activist Ahmed Bedier due to his strident criticisms of Israel.

But Bedier said he never gave the contribution in the first place. So nothing was rejected. The host of the event, Ocala pharmacist Manal Fakhoury, said Bedier is telling the truth.

“He did not give money,” said Fakhoury, who held the fundraiser for 60 people at her home. “I saw the list’’ of donors.

Regardless of who’s telling the truth, the controversy exposes the tightrope politicians walk when they even appear with Islamic activists in a state with a strong and influential Jewish population, which leans heavily Democratic.

More here

The online report that sparked the controversy is here, from the Investigative Project on Terrorism.


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harry houdini

Times are changing in the Jewish community throughout Florida not just in South Florida. Don't count the Jewish vote leaning to the D's. Easy to say, hard to prove! Its simply NOT TRUE!

Most Jews are conservative. The Old Testament is conservative in nature. In fact, many "free thinkers" can claim that religious Jews and Baptists have more in common that Jews have with the ideals and the platform of the Democratic Party.

And for you who disagree, please give me a F...in break already!

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