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Video of worst debate performance ever: Rick Perry's literal 'oops' moment

This actually happened to Rick Perry at the CNBC Republican presidential debate. The Twitter-verse exploded with jokes and autopsies.

Here's a sample of the reaction on Twitter:

@JasonEmbry: The Rick Perry Presidential Campaign. Time of Death: 8:18 CST?

@JRubinBlogger ever since that perry thing ive found it hard to focus.. i hope nothing important happened

@daveweigel At least we know that Perry could never sexually harass someone. "You're about as tall as my... uh... uh... oops." #cnbcdebate

@MarcACaputo I keep rewinding the Perry Meltdown, watching it over & over again w/morbid fascination like Faces of Death, the GOP campaign edition

@AnnCoulter Ann Coulter AnnCoulter Ann Coulter Perry is just so relieved this debate is only on CNB... Um,....uh. B?... No, wait, I know this, hold on... Uh... CNB... oh crap...

@diggrbiii Psst. Guys? Obama couldn't name ONE agency he would cut.

@SaintPetersblog Im not even sure @GovernorPerry could name the three branches of government. #Serious #cnbcdebate #gopdebate

@MarcACaputo 3rd time aint the charm. Ya know Perry aint Catholic "In the name of the father, the son and the...ah..the..oops?"

@joshtpm Lotta death row guys in Texas hoping they might be #3

@amyewalter Maybe Perry should've watched "Bridesmaids" #unhelpfuladvice

@JonnyTorres Sorry dude. RT @umarsattar: Fuck

@murphymike Dr. Paul filling out paperwork as they haul Perry away. He's ruling it a suicide.

@Reaganista Ah, Perry. You're nothing if not consistent. #cnbcdebate

@rkylesmith: Perry is like that scene in Fight Club where Ed Norton beats the crap out of himself.

@aburnspolitico Just wanna say, I'm glad we've learned so much tonight about the economy, and haven't focused on stuff like who froze up on stage

@RyanLizza: Perry: "I really like Cain's 9-9-... um sorry, I'm blanking on the third part of it. Oops."

@Occupy_Oklahoma Much like staring at a car wreck, or a go-go boy... #perry #GOP #FAIL

@cosmictoast1 Al #morbidfascination watching Rick Perry is worse than anything.. Kinda like a bearded republican drag queen #wowies#GOPmeltdown

@murphymike: It doesn't matter who won. Perry really, really, really lost. I feel sorry for him.


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Johnny Hothead


Saint Petersblog

Compilation of analysis and reaction to Wednesday's CNBC/GOP debate.


Marsha Matthews

LOL - The more Perry opens his mouth, the more I see the only thing he has going for him is his "good hair."

Clinton Richter

The tweets were better than the original gaffe.

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